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Current NaNoWriMo Progress

New #Nanowrimo stats:

7,180 words.

Yes, I’m trying this again.

“I Will Persist Until I Succeed.” ~ Og Mandino


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Wednesday Poetry: Untitled (wip)

They say that misery
Loves company…
but will that company
tear you
away from me?

belongs in the past
a love that did not last
let it remain there
come back!
to the present,
where you do not care.

The future
Is beautiful
the future is here
now with me.

Turn your back on misery.
Hideous envy,

Remember our Joy…
Our fun
Our love
Our passion
Everything we love
Every time we laugh.

A dragonslayer,
I slay your miserable mistress
with my heart, my joy
my laughter,
my smile,
my beauty.

will meet
her demise
her death.

Take my hand, love…
let’s be free
free of horrid

~K. Crumley

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