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My First Open Stage Event

On Friday night, I had the privilege of sharing two of my poems from Angelic Visions at D & S Music Hub’s Open Stage Night. This was the first time I actually had the opportunity to take part in this. I really enjoyed the experience. I confess to being more than a little nervous. But, the overall experience went well.

The two poems that I shared were EVICTED! And Beauty & the Beast. I think I read the second a little fast, due to nerves. But, the feedback I received was all positive. I got many compliments and praise for these two pieces, and was glad that they were enjoyed by the audience. In addition to that, I got to listen to other poets, short story authors, musicians, singers, etc. Plus, I met a lot of really cool, creative, and friendly people.

The things I would have done differently (or will do differently, next time I do this):

  • Relax, and be confident. It’s a casual atmosphere, not like I’m meeting with the press or a lot of big name publishers and editors.
  • Carry my tote-style purse, with a few extra copies of my book(s) in it, in case anyone is interested. And of course, keep a pen for signatures.
  • Have some kind of swag on hand, be it business card or bookmarks. It’s the perfect opportunity to give someone a card with your website/blog/author page url on it.
  • MENTION THE BOOK! Doh, I totally missed out on the opportunity to mention that these poems are from the anthology Angelic Visions. And, that they can download the book for FREE. Double DOH! I blame my nerves, and not knowing what to expect as it was my first ever Open Mike Night opportunity.

Also this one thing I did do: Thank the host and the person who invited me. I really appreciated this opportunity.

If any of you live in the Pittsburgh/Harmar/Cheswick/Springdale, Pennsylvania area I highly recommend you check out any and all events at D & S Music Hub. It’s a nice little place, run by very nice people and I’d really like to see their business flourish and expand.

If you have any questions, or advice for Open Stage events feel free to email me at dragondreamzpublications@gmail.com.


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New Poem: Drowning


Drowning in a sea

Of unpleasant

Deja vus

Yes, I said

I would always

Remember you

Yes I said I would



Every moment

We spent together

But what kills me

Is the memory

Of all the times

You walked away

Left me drowning


Crying out

For you

Struggling to break free

Struggling to breathe

The air that was

Your love


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Wednesday Poetry: Catacombs


I will not run

And Hide

In the catacombs,

Praise silently,

Hide my light

Under a bowl.

I will speak loudly,


His Name.

For it is the key

That unlocks the door

To my


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Wednessday Poetry: Mercedes Part I

He drove a new


Pride and Joy

Shiny, red.

He drove his new


When he wanted

To show off

His trophy,

Took care of it

For a while…

But then started to neglect Her.

Let her sit in his garage…


Was she too high maintenance?

He felt he could no longer afford her…?

He traded in his


For something reflecting

His insecurities, guilt, self-worth.

He traded in his


For an old-beat up

Rusty Pinto.

Too many miles on it,

Driven by many.

He was only asking for


As he drove down the road…

And Trouble

Was all he got.

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New poem: Ghosts of the Past

Ghosts of the past

Haunt me

I can’t sleep

You were here


Now we’re worlds apart

Your choice

Not mine

Never mine.

Ghost of the past

Like a mystic dream

Sorrowful, mournful, bittersweet

I think about that place

Where we used to be…

And all I can see…

Is your eyes.

And, I wanted to say sorry

But why should I be?

Sorry we’re not

Even friends

I guess.

And I wanted to say “Miss You”

But do I really?

Were you ever who

I thought you were…?

You said you had tried

Tried to be the man I deserved…

But that wasn’t you…

Took me a while to realize….

What you said…

Almost all of it

Was true.

Still love, but not

In love with you.

Still miss you,

But don’t miss

The pain.

Still, haunted

By you and

Our memories


Just like ghosts

From the past.

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Wednesday Poetry: Friends


We were so much more once

But I remember

How we began

We were surreal

Two artists discussing

Our respective crafts

We became more

We fell in love

We went around

Around the Emotional

Roller Coaster…

Then you fell out

Of love

Shock, disbelief, devastated

I felt such pain

Reacted with rage, sorrow, jealousy, ire…

As you

Simply ignored me

Walked away

One year has passed

It all sinks in…

I rehabilitate my heart

My life…

Now I turn back

Remember what we had

Remember how

We began…

And I wish

We could be



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He lays still
Beside me
A Golden Statue

Eyes closed,
He drifts to sleep.

I lay beside him,
Gently snuggling.
So afraid of disturbing
The journey into his dreams…

Yet wonder if I am there.
Eyes flicker, and then open
I wonder what
He is thinking.

Groggy, he speaks
To me
Inquiring something…
And drifts again,
Into a dream.

I wonder again
If I am there,
And how he feels,
And what will be…

I wonder if
He will

~K. Crumley, 9/1/2014

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Impromptu Poem: Lost You

Woke up from a dream
Another dream
About you
Just a dream
But it felt
Like I lost you
All over

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New Poem: Puzzle

Puzzle Image



My heart is like
A jigsaw puzzle,
Broken apart,
Scattered pieces
Laying on the floor.

Little by little,
I begin
To put it back together.

But so many pieces
I realize they still
Belong to you,
And always will.

Leaving abstract shaped
Spaces, empty.
Only you can
Fill them in.

But now that
Your love is taken
Away from me,

I have no choice
But to fill them
With cherished memories.
Of Us.

~ ~ ~

~K. Crumley

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Wednesday Poetry: Silent Storm

~Silent Storm~

Storm raging,
Silent rain
Silent pain.

He doesn’t see
The tears pouring down
Cannot hear
Thunder in my heart.

He’s unaware
Of my silent storm.
Silent storm inside.

Winds of change
Are blowing
He doesn’t see
It coming.

Storm warning,
But she’s afraid
That he’ll run away.
He hates bad weather.

Storm chaser
Doesn’t want to
Chase him away.
Wants him to stay.

So he’ll never know.
She’ll never warn him
Of the silent storm
Silent storm.

Close the shutters
Pull the drapes
Don’t let him see
The rain falling
Falling from the skies,
Falling from her eyes.

Cause he will run,
He will run
For cover
In fear of
The drama
Caused by
Raging wind and rain.
She contains her pain.

Silent storm
Inside of
Her Heart.

~ ~ ~

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