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New Poem: Drowning


Drowning in a sea

Of unpleasant

Deja vus

Yes, I said

I would always

Remember you

Yes I said I would



Every moment

We spent together

But what kills me

Is the memory

Of all the times

You walked away

Left me drowning


Crying out

For you

Struggling to break free

Struggling to breathe

The air that was

Your love



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Earworm ~ Video Post: Case of the EX by Mya

It’s been a long time
Since I heard
That song

I remember
Every word
Mya sang
Described events
Of that day
Exactly what
I wanted to say
But, dared not speak
Just hummed along
On Eggshells

Been a few years
Since I felt
That way
Sunk down
Into despair
Every lyric
Was true

Been a while
Since I was stuck
In that place
So glad
That I’m not
There now
So glad
His lies cannot
Hurt me
So proud
He cannot
Reach me now

I’m long gone
From his Realm
Of misery and pain

Been a long time
Since I heard
That song
Heard its rhythm
And danced
On solid ground
Sang each word
Out loud
Even laughed.

So glad
I am not
That girl,

So glad that
Song is just
An earworm
Catchy tune
Instead of
A Lyrical

~ ~ ~

K. Crumley rambles on...


…the words are so fitting! And, the dancing is pretty cool too…

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New poem: Ghosts of the Past

Ghosts of the past

Haunt me

I can’t sleep

You were here


Now we’re worlds apart

Your choice

Not mine

Never mine.

Ghost of the past

Like a mystic dream

Sorrowful, mournful, bittersweet

I think about that place

Where we used to be…

And all I can see…

Is your eyes.

And, I wanted to say sorry

But why should I be?

Sorry we’re not

Even friends

I guess.

And I wanted to say “Miss You”

But do I really?

Were you ever who

I thought you were…?

You said you had tried

Tried to be the man I deserved…

But that wasn’t you…

Took me a while to realize….

What you said…

Almost all of it

Was true.

Still love, but not

In love with you.

Still miss you,

But don’t miss

The pain.

Still, haunted

By you and

Our memories


Just like ghosts

From the past.

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Wednesday Poetry: TV


It used to be that

We could tune in to watch

Old friends,

Like Lucy, The Kramdens, Lassie…

We solved crimes

With Rockford,

And Columbo…

Then the new wave

Of feminism brought us

Mary, Jamie Summers,

And of course

The Angels.

The wave of crime dramas

Evolved from the Metro Glam

Of Magnum PI and Miami Vice

Into Forensics,


Criminal Minds…

Today the glorious

Old days

Are gone, and

We are force-fed

False advertising

And an often feigned


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Wednessday Poetry: Mad Alice

~Mad Alice~
Bored with this world,
Follow the rabbit…
And escape
All rationality.

Mad is my Lover
And So Am I.
Sitting at the table
For some tea and pie…
Another party,
Another dream.
Another weird,
Off-kilter scheme.

And up is down,
Down is up…
Please dear,
Have another cup.

Race to the moon,
With the Dodo Bird,
Until it seems
Lots less absurd.

Anolugous striped, magenta cat
Smilles through the trees.
He is not always
What he seems.

The Caterpillar
Old and wise,
Will soon transform
To a butterfly.
And sail away
Through the skies.

Paint the flowers
From white to red,
Before The Queen catches…
Then off with your head.

I do not want to go
Back to the otherworld
I want to live
In wonderland.
Leaving here…
Would make me sad.
My name is Alice,
And I’m quite mad.

~K. Crumley

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Wednesday Poetry: Untitled (wip)

They say that misery
Loves company…
but will that company
tear you
away from me?

belongs in the past
a love that did not last
let it remain there
come back!
to the present,
where you do not care.

The future
Is beautiful
the future is here
now with me.

Turn your back on misery.
Hideous envy,

Remember our Joy…
Our fun
Our love
Our passion
Everything we love
Every time we laugh.

A dragonslayer,
I slay your miserable mistress
with my heart, my joy
my laughter,
my smile,
my beauty.

will meet
her demise
her death.

Take my hand, love…
let’s be free
free of horrid

~K. Crumley

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Wednesday Poetry: Grace (another WIP)


Someone once said
that I’ve fallen
Fallen from grace.

That person
Never knew
The true definition
Of Grace,
Nor did he comprehend
the meaning of compassion,
And God-like Forgiveness.

He sat in his chair
His Throne
judging us all.
Judge, Jury,
Proclaimed our Sentence.

High Inquisitor…
Headed for
A very humbling fall.

He’d learn that lesson
In later days,
by others who pointed
sanctimonious fingers
and redefined
the word
for their own
needs to feel

Angry, bitter tears.
He let them
Take his throne
of sanctimony.

He sits on the grass,
the meaning of the word

~ K. Crumley

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Wednesday Poetry: Wingspan (WIP)


Reaching out,
Grasping hands.
Holding on
To each other tight.
Let lose..but just a little.
Let go…but just enough…
to spread our wings and fly…
but soar back to each other.
Land in each others arms.

We have confidence, security, strength.
No need to cling, hold on too tight.
We know how
each other feels.
Trust it,
Know it’s right.

When you’re not here
I can still feel
Your caress
Arms around me.
Still feel your lips
upon mine,
Kissing passionately.

When I need you,
Crave your presence,
All I do is call,
You fly back
to me.
Our wings
Envelope each other,
Comfort, peace.

When you are weak,
Down trodden,
Fear you’ll fall
From these Heavens
Trust in me.
My wingspan is wide,
This wings are strong.
I’ll lift you up.
I’ll comfort you,
Never let you down.

As always,
I trust
You’ll do the same
For me.

I find comfort, protection,
And love
in your wings.


K. Crumley


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Wednesday poetry: Emotional Rollercoaster

~Emotional Roller Coaster~

I’ve been to the height of joy
Plunging down
To the depths
Of despair
And pain
The sickening
In my stomach
Dizziness as I soar
Again to the highest heights.
Waves of agony and fear
Waves of hope and joy
Wash over me
And then I come
Charging back
And, just when I think
This ride is about to end
As the train pulls into the station…
It doesn’t stop;
Nor even slow.
But races right through
Another slow, uphill climb.
Raising hope, raising excitement…
Then, soaring down again.
I cannot even
Catch my breath.
It never ends.
My stomach churns,
Head spins
heart races,
As it
At least
It’s still beating.
Sets my mind reeling.
Getting more nauseous
With every hill
Every fast,
Around the bend.
I could unbuckle myself,
Jump off…
Out of the car
That I’m
Trapped in
For then,
My Fate
Would be far worse,
Broken bones, head injury,
Even Fatality.
Play it safe
Just wait
Ride it out
Let lose
Enjoy it!
Embrace it!
Until it stops
In due time.


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Wednessday Poetry: Demon

The demon

The demon
From my past
who used to plague
my existence
my dreams
The nightmaric hell
of his phony
friendship, allegience
Misspent time
Tied to him
when I should have been
Seeking an Angel…

painful memory
crossed my mind
this morning,
and I cast it
No more fear,
Manipulation or intimidation.
Bad spirits,
go away.

I’ve found my Angel now
I’ve found LOVE,
in its purest form.
All of its beauty, virtue,
faith and love.

Demon at last
cannot dominate me.
He’s fled to find
someone else to plague,
to intimidate, to dominate.
And, I feel sorry
for his prey.

~KLC 12/28/2011~

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