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Character Connections: Cayden Etherwood


If you read Wishful Thinking, you remember Cayden. The tomboyish, youngest Etherwood sister. She’s grown up a bit at the start of Charmed Lives. Thus, her role in the family—and in the series—is a little more prominent.

Where Wishful Thinking focused on Mave and Xandria, Charmed Lives focuses on Cayden and Fiona. Cayden gets Fiona to agree to let her quit “wingless” school and help her out at the toy company. Cayden’s motives are not purely selfish, but rather unselfish. She sees Fiona’s health fail as she starts to suffer from The Sickness, which claimed the lives of their parents. Fiona struggles with the toy corporation started by their father years ago, and keeping up “normal” appearances in the real world. Cayden’s help is needed more than ever.

When the family of Mave’s late “wingless” husband brings wrongful death charges against the whole Etherwood family, it is Cayden’s spell that helps deflect the suspicions as well as avoid the entire world finding out about the Faerie sisters. Yet, she cannot prevent the tragedy that occurs in the Outer Wood, nor can she stop the traitors in Oberia from escaping their homeworld via dark magic.

I hope you check out Charmed Lives this fall. I will have a special paperback give-away the week of Thanksgiving, just in time for the Holidays. 😉


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Character Connections: Tryna (a Mer-Witch)

While at work the other night, I had a brainstorm for a new character in The Corithian Saga inspired by an image I saw at dreamstime.com (I would post it here, but unfortunately the site is down today.) The picture was of a young girl with long, black hair and a mischievous smile. She was wearing a gold torc around her head, and a long, blue velvet medieval gown.

The character’s name is Tryna, and she is a mermaid. A rebellious, willful teen who is jealous and resentful of her two cousins Raphael and Celyndra.
She runs away to join a coven, “Sisterhood of the Sea.” She lived with the sea witches for nearly two years, before returning back to the castle at her uncle’s request. And, despite her rebellious attitude she uses her gifts of magic to pull through, and help the Royal Family in time of need.

That’s what I have planned so far…
I’m sure that some of these details might be tweaked, and altered…and maybe a few new ones
added. 😉

~K. Crumley

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Character Connections: Daughters of Oberia Series dream cast.

Okay, I was totally unprepared for today’s Character Connection post.  I had nothing prepared for today, so I decided to do something a little different.  

I think most writers picture certain people in our heads while we write, or maybe we have characters inspired by certain celebrities.  Maybe even some of us fantasize about who will play our characters in the film versions of our books.  Hey, it’s fun to daydream…what can I say?  In fact, I think most of my stories start out as daydreams.  

Anyhow, here is my dream cast for my Daughters of Oberia series, in video format. (a video I produced just for fun, while fighting writer’s block.) 

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Character Connections: Astrid Armadas.

Character Name: Astrid Armadas
Nickname: “The Blade.” Plus, several Aliases have been used in her lifetime, depending on her mission. Many times she has assumed a new identity and gone “in cognito” even as a male.
Age: 28
Hair Color: Black
Eye color: Brown
Frame: thin, average height.
Featured in: Daddy’s little girl. Short Story to debut Superbowl Sunday.

Astrid’s mother left when she was five years-old. Her mother left her nothing but a glance of pity as she left. The last words Astrid remembers her mother saying was when she called her father “A Killer!” Those words became like a curse word to Astrid, as she prefered to think of Assassins as “Exterminators.”
Daddy's Little Girl cover
Astrid received a rude awakening to the world her father lived in when she was 16. She was kidnapped and brutalized by a rival assassin group, an arch enemy of her father. The leader had tried to rape her, but her father was an expert sniper, and shot the creep at the base of his skull.

Soon after, Astrid would follow in her father footsteps and join the highly trained, skillful team of assassins known as “The Agency.”
Mastery with blades of different makes and designs has earned her the nickname “The Blade,” as her father is known as “The Bullet.”

When their boss Emanuel is approached by his old friend Col. Briggs, to take out the American Football Player that brutally raped his teenage daughter, he knows there’s one person who can carry out the extermination with skilled precision. The Blade.

Superbowl Sunday…be prepared for Daddy’s Little Girl.

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Character Connections: Xandria Etherwood

Character Name: Xandria Etherwood
Nickname: Xandy
Age: 19 (at the beginning of the series)
Featured in: Daughters of Oberia Trilogy
Wishful Thinking (book I)
Charmed Lives (book II)
Fates of the Fallen (book III)
Also appeared in: The serialized novella A Dangerous Realm, published in Mermaid’s Point ezine ( Publication has since folded).

Xandria Etherwood never felt at home on the Outer Realm. Oberia was where she belonged. But when she was just a toddler, her father decided to dedicate his life to making mere “wingless” children’s dreams come true, the way he could for his own Faerie daughters.

Xandy and her sisters had to grow up amoungst these “wingless” children, to to school with them and try to blend in. Her mother was concerned with what would happen if they stood out too much, if they were too abnormal in the eyes of others. Alannah Etherwood’s darkest fear was of what would happen if it was discovered that they were Faeries. One more reason why Xandria felt they were better off at home, in their own realm of Oberia.

Xandy’s two older sisters Maevis and Fiona had even married two wingless men. Both marriages ended in disaster! The deaths of both men cast suspicions on the sisters–as it seemed in both cases faerie magic might have been the cause.

These incidents only strengthened Xandy’s opinion that they didn’t belong in the Outer Realm. In addition to that, a faerie cannot live long in a world void of magical energy.
The Yasminea flowers that grow abundantly in their homeworld can sustain them, but only for a short while. The Etherwood sisters keep the flora handy, in case they fall victim to the Sickness that their parents had died from.

In Wishful Thinking Xandria stands up for Maevis against their treacherous and deceitful Aunts. She also accepts her own destiny.

In Charmed Lives Xandy realizes that destiny comes with a high price, as she is plagued by prophetic nightmares of an unknown assassin…a traitor in her midst.

Little known fact: A fourth way thorugh my first draft, I almost omitted the character Xandria entirely. But, then I was filled with new inspiration regarding her attitude and character. So, I revised and revamped her, and made her more centric to the plot of Wishful Thinking and the trilogy as a whole.

Read more about Xandria Etherwood and her sisters in
Wishful Thinking, Book 1 of the Daughters of Oberia Trilogy.


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