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My First Open Stage Event

On Friday night, I had the privilege of sharing two of my poems from Angelic Visions at D & S Music Hub’s Open Stage Night. This was the first time I actually had the opportunity to take part in this. I really enjoyed the experience. I confess to being more than a little nervous. But, the overall experience went well.

The two poems that I shared were EVICTED! And Beauty & the Beast. I think I read the second a little fast, due to nerves. But, the feedback I received was all positive. I got many compliments and praise for these two pieces, and was glad that they were enjoyed by the audience. In addition to that, I got to listen to other poets, short story authors, musicians, singers, etc. Plus, I met a lot of really cool, creative, and friendly people.

The things I would have done differently (or will do differently, next time I do this):

  • Relax, and be confident. It’s a casual atmosphere, not like I’m meeting with the press or a lot of big name publishers and editors.
  • Carry my tote-style purse, with a few extra copies of my book(s) in it, in case anyone is interested. And of course, keep a pen for signatures.
  • Have some kind of swag on hand, be it business card or bookmarks. It’s the perfect opportunity to give someone a card with your website/blog/author page url on it.
  • MENTION THE BOOK! Doh, I totally missed out on the opportunity to mention that these poems are from the anthology Angelic Visions. And, that they can download the book for FREE. Double DOH! I blame my nerves, and not knowing what to expect as it was my first ever Open Mike Night opportunity.

Also this one thing I did do: Thank the host and the person who invited me. I really appreciated this opportunity.

If any of you live in the Pittsburgh/Harmar/Cheswick/Springdale, Pennsylvania area I highly recommend you check out any and all events at D & S Music Hub. It’s a nice little place, run by very nice people and I’d really like to see their business flourish and expand.

If you have any questions, or advice for Open Stage events feel free to email me at dragondreamzpublications@gmail.com.


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Wednesday Poetry: Rainbow


Down on hope,
Lacking faith…
Feeling lost.

So many of us
drowning in gloom.
Dark clouds
loom overhead.
Storms brew,
thunder striking
invoking fear, doom.
We tremble…

To the skies
We look for a sign.
A ray of light,
Golden and pure
to stream
through clouds.
Our tears blend in
With pouring rain.

Cry out,
cry out loud.

The sign is there,
It’s all you need.
Sunbeams cut through
parting clouds.
Darkness starts to
quietly disperse
Skies turn from gray
to oceanic blue.

Too good, to surreal
to ever be true.

Look above,
Look overhead.

An arc of yellow, ornange green,
purple, and red.
Reaches out across the sky
touching green wet grass.

Amazing, beautiful
shocking, and uplifting.

We look skyward,
admiring it’s beauty.
All who have seen it
Touched, amazed
In love.

The frowns of many
have turned to smiles.
Hearts now
full of joy, hope, promise.

Young girls
feel like Dorothy.
The older, wiser
become like Noah.

No matter what
their walk of life,
their belief,
their past,
or present trails…

Each heart,
soul and mind
was touched.

And the future
seemed full of
Great possibilities.

This poem and at least 15 others will be included in my anthology Angelic Visions ebook edition feb. 15h, paperback edition march 20th.

angelic visions cover

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