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Reasons People Give for Not Reading Indies.

As an indie author, there are several things that annoy me on internet message boards, blogs, and other online forums. People claiming they “don’t read indie authors.” They’re “tired of searching through the muck” for something “readable,” “well-edited,” or enjoyable. While these arguments used to really irk me, and evoke my pro-indie rants I decided that in order to rightfully respect other people’s opinions I can look at their reasoning. Yes, most of the time it’s just a cop-out excuse. But the other side of the coin is that they realize that (most of the time) indie authors are responsible for our own quality control, and they are holding us accountable.

So, without any further ado here are the five reasons I hear most often from the “LYK OMG I DON’T REED INDIEZ” camp. Only two are really worth listening to.

1. All indie books are bad, poorly written, un-edited, typo-laden, etc. This commentary to me is not worth listening to. Stereotypes are formed of ignorance. And, saying all indie titles are bad is no different than saying that all traditionally published books are bad. ALL books have errors and typos. And, there are good and bad books on both sides of the fence. MANY indies hire editors, proofreaders, etc. MANY indies do care about quality control. I happen to be one of them.

2. It’s too hard of work for me to weed through all of the crap to find something worth reading. That’s a lazy, cop-out answer. Sorry, but that’s my opinion. It’s not really all that hard to find good books whether traditional or indie. It’s not hard to download a sample, or use “see inside.” It doesn’t take that much time out of your busy day to read through even the first 3 pages. When you buy trad books, don’t you sample first? When you buy a paperback at B&N don’t you skim through it first?
Here’s a tip: The best indie books are in the TOP of the lists on Amazon. AND, you can narrow it by genre. The worthy titles (in both publishing formats) are in the top 100; other worthy reads are in the top 1,000 – 3,000 range. And, they are NOT at the bottom. If you’re “bottomfeeding” and finding nothing worth reading, then you have no one to blame but yourself.

3. Negative Nellies Many of the people who’ve made the above comment are victims of their own negative energy. If you go around thinking “all X is crap” when you search through indie titles, you’ll see only the crap. Every typo, misspelling, ugly cover, horrible blurb will jump out at you screaming “here I am!” Even in good books, the flaws will jump out at you and look just as awful, because you’ve pre-ordained it to be so.
And, I confess I’m speaking from experience here–not in regards to SP books, but in regards to TP ones. When I first embarked on my indie journey, I adopted the “all TP books are crap” mantra. Every error, every page printed crooked, every little typo and Mary Sue character nearly turned me against ALL books regardless of publication method. Thank Heaven that phase was short lived. 😉 The power of positive thinking. Try it some time. It won’t hurt…I promise.

4. Authors behaving badly. I confess this is hard to argue against. I’ve been turned off of writers for this (both TP and Indie). People in the arts should watch what they say and do as a rule, to be sure they don’t turn off their audience, full of consumers who will buy their product.
I only argue against the idea that “all indies do X thing.” That’s a stereotype, and stereotyping is just wrong. There are badly behaving authors on both sides of the fence. Case in point: Anne Rice.
Regardless, the need to police ourselves is apparent–because we don’t have publicists telling us “don’t do that.” There’s nobody in place to slap our wrists with a proverbial ruler, like a Catholic School Nun. I have a list of dos and don’ts in place, but I’ll save that for another time.

5. But I don’t know of any indie authors…and all the ones I’ve heard of have already traditionally published by now. This is a good argument, and a very plausible one. Maybe, it’s even a call-to-arms for most authors to get the word out about our books.
It’s very important to spread the word, and have our “street team” (readers, friends, relatives, co-workers, fellow authors, etc…) help spread the word about you and your books.
Even good books go unnoticed because of lack of advertising, marketing and ineffective promo.
There’s also a chance that some of these people read an indie/sp book without realizing that they were. Whether that’s due to the author being discreet about her publishing methods, or the fact that the book is just that professional from cover-to-cover and nothing stands out as looking “indie” it’s hard to say.

In closing, I’ll just say this: (and it applies mostly to #4) Don’t judge the whole lot of us based on the actions of a few. There are good indie books, and there are not-so good ones. There are sensible authors and ones who fly off the handle at every perceived slight. And, not every author engages in seedy publicity tactics, or sock puppet review scams. Most authors I know steer clear of doing that. Authors are people, and people make mistakes…it’s a shame that so many get judged on the actions of a few, but that carries over into ALL walks of life, not just authors.


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Sorry I haven’t blogged in a while…
I had a lot of stuff going on in my life and with my “Night Job” that dragged me temporarily away from doing all of the things that I should have been doing…including this blog!

But the good news is: It helped me to get re-focused, and to brainstorm about new and interesting things to post.

Anyhow, I’ve come up with a tentative schedule of what is to come on this blog:

Monday–general writing-related blog post.


Thurs–Character connections. A blog post featuring a character from one of my current books, or from one of my works in progress. This will also be cross-posted at Goodreads.

Fri– My own indie ebook version of “friday five”. I will recommend five books by my fellow indie authors. (to all of you indies out there reading this, if you’re interested in having your books mentioned please email me at with “friday five” in the subject line 😉 )

Sunday: #SampleSunday of course 😉

I also hope to be doing a give-away at some point in the near future. 😉

Let’s see if I have enough self-discipline to stick to this schedule…I’m sure I do 😉

K. 🙂

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#SampleSunday, Page 99 of Wishful Thinking

Page 99 of my fantasy/mystery novella Wishful Thinking. Book 1 in the Daughters of Oberia Series.  I hope you’ll enjoy this excerpt.

“No wait. Wait…and talk to me a minute first!”Lylah began.“I have something to tell you to um…show you before you see Queen Mummy.”

“Sorry, Aunt Lylah.” Xandria said. She could
read her thoughts, thanks to the Sharana. She could tell
that Lylah never intended on letting her see her
Grandmother. “I’m not interested in hearing what you
have to say.” Xandria said as she walked unhindered
across the throne room. She headed straight toward the
large wooden door in the back of the room partially
hidden behind a velvet curtain.

“We used to be so close, dear.” Lylah said, with
her head tilted. Smile bearing her horse teeth. “We use
to be friends…”

“You ruined that, Lylah.” Xandria said, “You
ruined that by siding with them, against me and my
family.” Xandria pointed behind her, indicating the two
frozen faeries.

“But, I’m family too!” Lylah whined, “We all

“What a sorry excuse for a family,” Xandria
ranted. “When my parents were dying we trusted you
to help us take care of them.  But, you bid your time, and
gave us the cure at the very last minute. How
convenient your timing was. You waited it out just long
enough to end their lives, before coming to us with
Yasminea to look like a caring sister. You knew that it
would be too late and they’d die anyways! Traitor!”
As Xandria turned towards the door, Lylah
raised her hands and muttered “Trelijah! Oceana!”
Right as Xandria opened the door a tidal wave rushed
towards her.

Xandria held up her hand, palm out toward the
tidal wave. It stopped before her as if she was standing
behind a glass dam, changing its current. Then, she
gestured with her arm in the opposite direction. With
just that simple movement, Xandria reversed the
water’s flow so the wave burst forth towards Lylah. It
swept her off her feet and carried her off with the force
of its current.

Xandria grinned, “You forget, Lylah,” She
called out to her aunt as she was swept away, “that I have
the power to wield water to my whim. Mermaid magic
intermingled with my own. It saved my life, you know.
Bye now, Auntie. I’m off to see grandmother.” She
strode through the door, shutting it behind her.


Wishful Thinking (Daughters of Oberia Book 1) is available at,, and at our homepage


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#SampleSunday: Special preview of CHARMED LIVES prologue (WIP)


It had been eighteen months since Maevis Etherwood, prima ballerina, had found her husband in bed with his mistress.  Eighteen months since she was investigated for their murders, and subsequently cleared due to lack of evidence.  Eighteen months since she retired from the world of dance, and seemingly disappeared…

To La-la land, I suppose. Heavy set matron Roberta Warren thought to herself, pondering the whereabouts of her ex-daughter-in-law.  She always thought the girl was a bit flighty, as was her whole family.

She was sorting through some old things, again…bleached-white teeth ground together, beneath grimacing pink-stained lips.  The creases around the corners  of her mouth grew deeper.  She growled, as her manicured hands clutched the picture frame.  In it was the picture of a beautiful auburn-haired bride, and Roberta’s own blonde, handsome son Reese.  She let out a grut, dropping the picture to the floor.  Glass shattering!

She stood trembling.

“Now, dear.” Her husband Edgar said as he came into the room. He picked up the picture frame.  The man had envisioned this scene over a dozen times this past year. “I’ll get a broom to sweep up the glass.  Go have some wine, hun.”

“I just cannot stand to…to still see any remnants of her.  To see her face again! To see…”

“Well, that’s a picture of our son, too Bertie.”

“Yes,” she said, “Making the biggest mistake of his life.” She put her hands on her hips.  Shook her head, her blonde angled bob tossing from her frantic movements.  “I never did like that girl!  Never did approve!”

“Well, I always thought Maevis was a quiet, nice young lady….just…different is all.”

“She killed our son!”

Her husband shook his head, and put his arm around her shoulder consolingly.  “Now dear…you know the truth is…”

“Yes, I know they really couldn’t prove anything…” She said, as her words started to trail off.  She cleared her throat again. “But Edgar, you were a lawyer.  You know there are more ways to murder somebody than by a gun, or a knife…”

“Yes, Bertie.” He said, “We’ve been through this…”

“She did something to scare them.” She continued, “To shock them.  She had to have done something!” Roberta was shaking, again.  “Reese was a healthy, young man.  And, that Barbie or Bambi…whatever her name was?  Well she was only twenty-two.”

“You really want to persuit this civil case, don’t you.”

“Yes, Edgar.” She said, “I cannot rest until we see her…and the rest of that crazy family, get what they deserve.”


Fiona Etherwood sat in her office staring out the picture window.  Christmas was approaching, her busiest time of year…and the malaise was overtaking her. Fiona felt dizzy and weak.

The leaves were changing, as the Pennsylvania Hillside beyond the city looked like bouquets of Orange and red chrysanthemums.  Seems like just two weeks ago they were bright green… She thought, pushing a lock of auburn hair out of her eyes.

Prototypes lined her shelves; dolls, handheld electronic games, lifelike stuffed animals that growled, barked, or purred when you rub their necks.  She had broke two of Hutchens’ latest creations; she hadn’t meant to.  She had just lost control, and they went sailing across the room…crashed into the wall.

She had drank some Yasminea tea during her coffee break, and had used her magic to restore them, erasing any trace of damage.  And, with that…depleted more strength.  She was now as sick as Maevis was a year and a half ago…

As sick as her parents had been, when he left the company in her hands…

It was happening again…

She did not want to alarm Cayden.  It would lead to another one of those conversations about Cayden quitting school, to help her.  They just couldn’t do that now–couldn’t afford to do anything else that would make them look less normal again, in the eyes of the wingless people.

She only had one Yasminea petal left at the office, tucked safely away in her desk drawer.  She would have to ingest it before heading home.


Night fell in the trees, and goblins moved around freely.  This time at night, they did not fear the young, powerful Queen.  She was most likely sound asleep, in her castle in Oberia. They hoped she could not even sense them, frolicking about in the Hollow of Four Gates.

A portal was created, to reach the one who would revert things back to the way they were.  To free the goblins from their perceived tyrany, so they could create their mischief–free to roam about in any realm.  Even the Outer Realm, where they could cause the most trouble.  Chibito, imp that she was, scampered out of a hollow, rotten smelling tree trunk…

She heard his footfall, which she would sense anywyere.  He trepsed through the woods.  Brown leather boots squashing fern, twigs, and errant berries.  Until he stopped in the Hollow.  Chibito ran to his feet, “Yes, My Lord.” She said, bowing to him.  She had found a new master even Darker and more sinister than the first….


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