Big Decisions & Beneficial Changes

Due to the changes in my health, I am unable to sit at the computer and do any tedious work for a long period of time.  I’ve split my writing time into 15-20 minute intervals throughout the day.  This allows me to give my eyes some rest, and will hopefully prevent (or at least lessen) these severe migraine headaches I’ve been suffering from.

In addition to this I’m no longer creating my own book covers.  I can’t do the work that I used to be able to do, as far as graphics and design.  Therefore, the covers the Daughters of Oberia series are the very last ones I will be doing myself–as they’re already done.  (I just have to finish the books! heehee.)

The cover art for the first novel in the Corithian Saga was made by SwoonWorthy book covers. I absolutely love it!  When I saw the mock-up I went ahead and purchased it even though the book’s not finished yet.  heehee! 🙂  Check it out! Prophecy Revealed book cover-FINAL

Also check out some of her other designs.  I have got my eyes on 2 other covers already. 😉

I am really confident that this will be a change for the best.  Better covers, more time writing, and hopefully less headaches can only be a good thing.


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