Character Connections: The Demi-goddess Desirae

Character Connections: The Demi-Goddess Desirae from the upcoming series The Gifted Saga.

Once a beautiful goddess, Desirae as her name implies was the sovereign goddess of sexual desire and intimacy. A century before Book I takes place, she overstepped her bounds with tragic consequences.

The tribe that worshipped her was to celebrate the wedding of a wealthy princess to a noble young man. But, the goddess grew jealous of this princess, and wanted the handsome young groom for herself. She lied to herself that she would never be caught, if she lured him to the garden and seduced him. She had tricked him, and told him that if he sacrificed his passion to her then she would bless their nuptials.

But the most High God, ever watchful witnessed the sin of this demi-goddess and she fell from his favor. Her ivory skin now covered with eggplant toned splotches, her platinum hair was streaked with blue-black strands. Likewise, the Prince was rightfully punished as well…living for nearly a century with his shame. As for , the Princess and her family—in fact the whole tribe—they abandoned the goddess, never worshiping or honoring her again. They either followed other gods or became agnostic. When the people fail to believe in the deities, they lose their power.

In the upcoming series The Gifted Saga, Desirae becomes so jealous of favored demigods Saphyra and Zanthar that she plots against them, until she is double-crossed by the cruel demigod Oglis. She seeks redemption in the end, and makes a bargain with Saphyra.

As I write about this villainess, I picture a combination of Eartha Kitt’s Catwoman and Cercei Lannister from Game of Thrones. Seductive, cunning, and in the end paying the ultimate price.

The Fallen Demi-Goddess Desirae

The Fallen Demi-Goddess Desirae


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