Mad Alice II

Mad Alice

Mad Alice c/o dolldivine princess maker, Chessy Cat eyes & smile in photoship

Awake from a dream…
Or was it?

Where is he?

I still see his eyes,
Half-crazed grin.

How can it be?
Eyes and smile…
Haunt me.

In waking life
I wish I was…
Wish I was…
Still in Wonderland.

I recall our journey,
Envy of the
Singing blossoms…
As we passed them by.

For I was yours,
You were mine.

Lively tea parties.
I would sit
Perched on a mushroom,
As madcap characters
Dance around,
“Curiouser and Curiouser”
He weaves in and out
Of their revelry.


I believed he loved me,
Watched after me,
His wild tail curled around
My shoulders,
In protective fashion.


I believed I would
Always be there
In Wonderland
By his side.

As night becomes day.
As sunlight streams
Through windows
Burning my eyes.


The Red Queen
Covetous, wicked, rude…
Had banished me from that land.
Has she also
Stolen the HEART
Of my wild, mad cat?

Crazy Cat,
Where are you now?
Where have you gone…?

Awake in my bed,
Dreams still cloud my mind.
I cannot decide
What is real.
What is not…
I Wonder…

To which Land
My Mad Cat

Some may claim
Drove you
Away from me,
Lost your head…
Was it guilt or shame?

For in that world
I was as mad
As you were.
And that Madness
Was bliss.

And from that mad dream
I never wished to

~ ~ ~


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