Poem: Unimportant


I became unimportant.
So, I cried…
“How could you
Have let this happen
To me?”

But you didn’t hear.
I was a
China Doll
On a Shelf

You distanced yourself
Couldn’t hear me call out
Your name.

I was in pain.
But you,
The one I needed,
The man I Loved
Pulled away.

I became Irrelevant,
Something “off-topic”
Something trivial,
A game show question
“Who’s that girl…?”

I became disposable,
Put me in a box,
What it mean
To be with

Then, when you felt the need to
Simplify your life,
It was
So easy…
For you
To throw
That box

What about me?
What about what I wanted?
I wanted forever,
I wanted to
Work things out
See things through.

What happened to US?!
Me with you.

We became



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