Wednesday Poetry: Silent Storm

~Silent Storm~

Storm raging,
Silent rain
Silent pain.

He doesn’t see
The tears pouring down
Cannot hear
Thunder in my heart.

He’s unaware
Of my silent storm.
Silent storm inside.

Winds of change
Are blowing
He doesn’t see
It coming.

Storm warning,
But she’s afraid
That he’ll run away.
He hates bad weather.

Storm chaser
Doesn’t want to
Chase him away.
Wants him to stay.

So he’ll never know.
She’ll never warn him
Of the silent storm
Silent storm.

Close the shutters
Pull the drapes
Don’t let him see
The rain falling
Falling from the skies,
Falling from her eyes.

Cause he will run,
He will run
For cover
In fear of
The drama
Caused by
Raging wind and rain.
She contains her pain.

Silent storm
Inside of
Her Heart.

~ ~ ~


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