Wednessday Poetry: China Doll

~China Doll~

China doll
On a shelf
Fair, porcelain skin
Long black hair
Purchased with all
The money you had
Saved up, for days.
Patiently, you waited…
For China Doll
To be
In your arms.

She was your favorite
Possession, your joy.
Prized and valuable treasure,
Not to be toyed with,
Or treated harshly.

You put her
On a shelf,
And begged her
To stay and wait.
A little longer…
Just a little while longer…

Days pass, slowly
As she waits…
Upon her shelf,
Where you left her,
She longs for you.
Fearing that
You’ve tired of her,
No longer desire
Her company.

She edges closer,
Closer, to the edge
Of the shelf, longing
To make contact with you.
Fearing you are being untrue.
Her worse Nightmares…
Could they be true?

Reaching out to you,
But you are beyond
The grasp, of her
Fragile, porcelain arms.
She takes a step too far one day
Falls off her shelf,

You are left

To pick up the pieces

Of one you once held

So dear.


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2 responses to “Wednessday Poetry: China Doll

  1. Nyasha

    Lovely poem 🙂

    I wanted to let you know my blog had changed url to and if you plan to follow it still (since you follow my blog currently), click the follow button on the bottom right 🙂 I have two articles for you to look at when you have the time.

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