IV. I am Nature’s Greatest Miracle

The title of the post sounds really boastful; but bear with me…I am not a braggard by any means.
I do however believe in having self-confidence, and embracing your own individuality.

Nobody else can write the stories I write, in my own voice. My writing voice is unique to me. My story ideas are a part of my own unique imagination. Some things may be inspired from other authors, or derived from a similar concept. However, they are my stories told the way only I can tell them.

I am a unique individual, and my writing shall reflect that…

To reiterate what I’ve said in This post, I shall be true to myself, my voice, and my style.

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but copying and mimicking is not. Furthermore, too much “copycat” writing and “borrowed” themes causes some authors to sell themselves short. I shall not risk losing credibility, nor diluting my brand by doing what so many others are doing. I don’t believe in chasing trends, because “that’s what’s selling now.” Nor shall I let my own unique voice be drowned out by the echo of others.

Tell your own unique story, in your own voice the way that only you can tell it.


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