III. I Will Persist Until I Succeed

Some of you may think I am some “Newbie” author who had just started writing within the past year or so, with the release of Wishful Thinking.  That assumption would be wrong.  

I have been writing for most of my life; and writing has been my career choice for over half of my life.  

Always, I write under the mantra I Will Persist Until I Succeed. 

I have been persisting that long in my ongoing uphill climb to success. And my journey is not over yet. 

Sure, there were times I had to put my writing on the back burner in search of a steady, well-paying “Day Job”.  There were times when I thought I was better off writing as a hobbyist rather than a professional author.  But no more.  

I will persist until I succeed.  

Persistence pays off.  I may not be JK Rowling, or Suzanne Collins,…but I believe I will find my success–my own successs–At the end of this road of hard work, enduring sales slumps, periods where i cannot find an affordable editor and have to shell out more than anticipated or find an affordable alternative, a so-so review of a “just okay” book, and the sneers of others who for now are doing better than me.  But I will succeed.  And my success is my own unique reward for hard work. 

And, I will succeed.  Failure=giving up.  Quitting is for the weak.  I am not weak. 

Don’t ever give up your goals, your dreams, or doing what makes you happy.

Persist until you succeed, and let each day teach you something new in how to achieve those dreams.  

Persist until you succeed. 

~K. Crumley 



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