Wednessday Poetry: Mad Alice

~Mad Alice~
Bored with this world,
Follow the rabbit…
And escape
All rationality.

Mad is my Lover
And So Am I.
Sitting at the table
For some tea and pie…
Another party,
Another dream.
Another weird,
Off-kilter scheme.

And up is down,
Down is up…
Please dear,
Have another cup.

Race to the moon,
With the Dodo Bird,
Until it seems
Lots less absurd.

Anolugous striped, magenta cat
Smilles through the trees.
He is not always
What he seems.

The Caterpillar
Old and wise,
Will soon transform
To a butterfly.
And sail away
Through the skies.

Paint the flowers
From white to red,
Before The Queen catches…
Then off with your head.

I do not want to go
Back to the otherworld
I want to live
In wonderland.
Leaving here…
Would make me sad.
My name is Alice,
And I’m quite mad.

~K. Crumley


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