After reading this, I started to rethink my pricing strategy. I feel that rescuing my ebooks from the bargain basement, and experiment with a higher price range is in order.
After all, a crisis just delivered me from “I am not in this to make money” mode, and urged me to be more professional and career-minded in my writing goals. 😉
If this all plays out the way I hope and expect, I’ll be delivered from the 99 cent price dilemma permanently (except to put them “on sale” on occasion.)
Even short stories will be raised, but just a bit.

More on this in a later post. 😉



It’s that time of year again, and I’m not only dragging out the Stuff I Found While Procrastinating Online Gift Guides, but also replaying some of my most popular “self-printing” posts from the last twelve months for those who might have missed them first time around. They’re in no particular order, popularity-wise. Today’s asks—and attempts to answer—the question, how much should I charge for my e-book? (Also, see the end of the post for some news on how much I’m charging for my e-books this December…) 

I’ve experimented with my e-book prices at lot over the past couple of years. For a week—its first—Mousetrapped was $4.99. I soon learned my lesson there, and dropped it to $2.99. Just before Backpacked came out (at $2.99), I dropped Mousetrapped to $1.99 hoping it would lead to more sales, thus leading to more sales of its sequel. When sales of Mousetrapped inexplicably…

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