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BULLIED! Going public on neighborhood terrorism

Sadly, after losing my job (in which I was a supervisor) I’ve been relinquished to a job in which I have to take orders from other people. That’s a tough pill to swallow as it is–but it’s even more upsetting when you are working for a bunch of young people who do not know how to manage others.

I’m not being judgemental, nor am I entirely unempathetic–Management is a skill that one must learn. But when the screwed-up corporation you work for eliminates upper-management and leaves all training, scheduling, etc in the hands of automation the inexperienced (tween-aged) managements have to “teach themselves.”

Let’s talk about the vicious cycle of bullying: There are some who are bullied in the past, that know bullying is wrong and steer clear of that activity. Then, there are past bullying victims that succumb to it. The kid bullied in grade school becomes the high…

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