Encore post: My short story Karma, which appears in Black Widow & Other Tales.

K. Crumley rambles on...


For Elise Willis’ 15th wedding anniversary her husband gave her a black eye.  It was her second in three weeks.  “Barney, hear me out!”  She said, returning home after the bastard had her arrested on false charges when she tried to leave him.  “I’m—”

He struck her face with his fist. Kicked her in the shin. She fell.  He stood there, laughing as she cried.  The obese brute cast a huge shadow over her. “Think you’re gonna leave!  HA!”  He said, “Where you gonna go? Your Momma’s?  She’s in the nuthouse now!” He laughed.  “That’s probably where you belong!”

She didn’t know which hurt worse, the throbbing pain in her face or his cruel words.  Elise sat there crying he walked out, and slammed the door.  Off to the bar again. Off to meet another hussy.  At least he’d be someone else’s problem tonight.  She dried her tears…

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