Poem Entitled Limitless Skies (wip)

Limitless skies…

I walked out of a place
Where I had built a career,
step by step.
Established myself.
Earned respect.
Managed, and taught others.
Recieved pats on the back
From my superiors.

One day they said,
That door was closed to me.
Not welcome any more
Within those walls.
Machinery, autonomy, technology
they thought could the job
more cost-effectively.

As I walked out those doors,
For a moment shed a tear…
So many memories
Dating back to the day
They first hired me
Seven years before.

I walked out that door,
The stark, cold grey interior
Faded as I walked into
A whole new world.
Bright sunlight,
Nearly blinding me

As I sighed
and looked up
to the limitless sky.
A door closed behind me
Locked permanently…
But there is no door
To the future,
That bars me out,
Or binds me.
Nothing holding me back
From soft, drifting clouds
Radiant sunlight…
Limitless skies.

In that moment I knew…
The future is mine.

~K. Crumley


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