Wednessday Poetry: Back to School (WIP)

Welcome back, girl.
You thought Graduation
Was your big escape.
Thought it was over,
Small town girl with big dreams.
Thought you were done
With small people
And their small minds.

Guess what,
life is still unkind.

Elitism, social snobbery
Isn’t something constrained
to adolescence, cheerleaders, athletes…
It unfortunately, transcends
Into adult life, working life, creative life
Affecting goals, affecting dreams,
When confidence is undermined.

Guess what,
People are still unkind.

If you have talent,
More than they do…
They turn their back and ignore you
swept under rugs,
so they can boast of their good work,
And that of their friends.

If you mess up,
Make a fool of yourself,
They make extra effort to
Shine the spotlight on your mishaps.
Point, and laugh.
Leave you stuck with a bad label,
dismissed as a hack.
No matter how hard you try,
You can’t get your good rep back.

Guess what,
The world is still unfair.

Little cliques form
even in adulthood.
Professional circles of so-called friends.
THe geeks, the cheerleaders, the self-proclaimed kings…
A whole new social hierarchy.

It’s true,
The arts are full of them.
They either ignore you,
insult you, mock you, or
subject you to endless ridicule.

And, when one of them suggest
“Go back to school!”
I just reply, with mocking tone
Equivocal to theirs,
“You make me feel
Like I’m still there.”

~KC 3/25/2012


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