OFF-Topic Tuesday: Things I hate about the Internet…

The internet has sadly given people a license to say and do everything. Sadly, not all of it good. Some just borders on annoying. Others use it to create mayhem or commit crimes. These are just some of my internet pet peeves.

Top of the list: Predators. Especially those who prey on children. Some people should NOT have internet access. Sad, but true.

Malware/spyware/viruses. ‘Nuff said.  

Trolls. Especially the ever-sneaky Trolls-by-Proxy. Trolls-by-proxy may log in using their regular account, even their real name rather than an actual “troll” or “ghost nickname” account. But…they post the same inflammatory, trouble-making remarks that a troll would. And, they’ll do so repeatedly until they’ve succeeded in irking the rest of the users at that site, and causing drama. Then, when you call them out on their bs they get all passive-agressive and whiny. Cyber bullies also fall into this same category.

Intellectual blow-hards. Self-proclaimed experts at everything and everything, constantly patting themselves on the back while telling others what they are doing wrong.

Facebookoholics and Twitiots. you know, the ones who tell you every little thing they are doing, every single moment of the day via FB/twitter.  Not only that, they use FB/twitter to be intrusive and see what YOU are doing…And, if you don’t post your own status, they’ll spam you with messages to find out what you are doing. Every five minutes they send you an “Are you online?” message. Oh, and they add/follow everyone they’ve ever met in their entire life.

ID Thieves/hacks/spies.  I’ve been victimized by these people. They will ruin you financially, given the chance.  Really a horrible experience. 

Virtual Grafiti. 

You know, when people go to abandoned/unmoderated/unmaintained message boards and post obscenity, radical political messages, “Kilroy was here” or whatever they want to. I can think of no better example than Frodo’s Mermaid Haus website of the late 90’s. It was a place where many could post links, stories, ads, etc pertaining to mermaids and merlore. When “Frodo” fell ill, and was in the hospital (if my memory serves me correctly) the site went unmaintained, and the message board went unmoderated. People started posting “gangsta” style online hookup lines, obscenity, spam, and whatever else they wanted to. The saddest part was it used to be a child-friendly site, where they could talk about Ariel and their other favorite Disney characters. I’ve seen this at other sites too, like Elfwood where random anonymous poster leaves a comment “LYK OMG THIS SUX!!” under a picture or story. I’ve even seen similar “reviews” on Amazon. It’s all VERY annoying, but not as bad as what happened to poor “Frodo.”

There’s probably more online nuisances that really bother me…but this is all that I can think of right off the top of my head. Feel free to add your own.

~K. Crumley


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