Character Connections: Mitchell Rainley

Character: Mitchell Rainley
Sex: Male
Race: African American
Age: 18
Family: Mother, Father, brother named Jeremy.

Appears in: Carousel (Little known fact: He has a cameo in Wishful Thinking as he was friends with Cayden in high school.)

Mitchell is a freshman at college, renting an off-campus apartment. Soon, he starts to have nightmares about the nearby fairgrounds he visited when he was a kid. They soon invade his waking life…
And reveal clues to an unsolved mystery.

Mitch is a tough kid, that doesn’t scare easy. Yet, the creepy laughter of the old carnival barker, and ghostly visions of a little girl in pink creep him out. Earworms of cacophonous carousel music fill his head.

In the short thriller Carousel, Mitch seeks answers from the adults in his life. His psych professor, his parents, the landlady, and the police…
But, the answers lie within his own subconscious, and lead him to find the truth about what really happened years ago…

Perhaps, Mitchell has a special gift…given to him by a friend. 😉

To read more about Mitchell, check out the short ebook Carousel

And, perhaps I will write more stories about him in the near future.
…where more dreams and visions lead to solving cold cases.

~K. Crumley


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