Off-Topic Tuesday: Game of Thrones, Season 2

Okay, maybe this is not entirely off-topic since Game of Thrones is first and foremost a fantasy novel series by George R.R. Martin.

…Then again, maybe it is. I’m posting mainly about the series on HBO.

Basically, what I want to say is that I’m less enchanted by this season than I was the first. The first season drew me in, and I was positively addicted! This season…? Not so much.

Here’s why?

The sex scenes.No, I am not a prude by any means. Nor do I expect it to be like “real sex” but…really, last season’s sex scenes really didn’t bother me (even the first, shocking Lannister incest scene). But this seasons…? I feel they are just painful, awkward, and ugly. It’s almost like watching two drunk virgins give it a go for the first time…

Not enough of my favorite characters. I couldn’t word it any more simply than that. Not enough Arya, Dani, John Snow and of course Peter Dinklage (Tyrion). Too much Littlefinger, Joffrey (who I loathe), Cersei, and now Stannis. Which brings me to number three.

Stannis is a major disappointment! I expected this strong, rugged bearded Warlord. What I got was a watered down soap opera lead actor stereo type. OOOh, he was seduced away from his ailing wife by a witch! How ground-breaking. Not! (see what I said before about two drunk virgins going at it.) Maybe it’s the actor, maybe it’s directing…or maybe the character just got watered down. I haven’t read the books but the way Ned & Robert talked about him in season 1 I expected someone like Blackbeard meets Thor. Now, we have another pretty boy vying for the throne, who is less intimidating than Renley…or even Tyrion…or even Arya. UGH!

I was promised Dragons!!!! Where are my Dragons?!?!? I guess I have to be more patient since the season just started…

What’s with Cersei becoming all soft? She would have had Littlefinger beheaded for what he said last season. why did she have the guards turn around? why is she so intimidated by her own bratty douche of a son (I guess she fears he’ll behead her too.) I want to see her be a bitch in a big way, not just a passive-aggressive snide way.

Oh well. The season is new yet, but I hope it gets better.

For an even more enlightening view on GoT season 2, check out my friend & fellow writer LK Rigel’s blog.


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