Wednesday Poetry: Wingspan (WIP)


Reaching out,
Grasping hands.
Holding on
To each other tight.
Let lose..but just a little.
Let go…but just enough…
to spread our wings and fly…
but soar back to each other.
Land in each others arms.

We have confidence, security, strength.
No need to cling, hold on too tight.
We know how
each other feels.
Trust it,
Know it’s right.

When you’re not here
I can still feel
Your caress
Arms around me.
Still feel your lips
upon mine,
Kissing passionately.

When I need you,
Crave your presence,
All I do is call,
You fly back
to me.
Our wings
Envelope each other,
Comfort, peace.

When you are weak,
Down trodden,
Fear you’ll fall
From these Heavens
Trust in me.
My wingspan is wide,
This wings are strong.
I’ll lift you up.
I’ll comfort you,
Never let you down.

As always,
I trust
You’ll do the same
For me.

I find comfort, protection,
And love
in your wings.


K. Crumley



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2 responses to “Wednesday Poetry: Wingspan (WIP)

  1. Enjoy reading your poem.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. You’re welcome! I’m glad you enjoyed it. 🙂

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