Off Topic Tuesday: Squirrels Outside

Okay, I was in a really good mood when I woke up (despite feeling sick with the flu). And, tried to contemplate on what to blog about today…

I decided to write about my new pets, while I was outside feeding them.

I’ve been living in this apartment now for six months, and sadly they have a very strict “No pets! No exceptions!” policy. As someone who has had pets most of her life, I found this rather frustrating. You get used to having them around; it seems rather lonely without them.

However, my apartment building is nestled back in the woods. There’s plenty of wildlife around. And, the Squirrels–both red and gray–are always scampering up and down the trees in front of my living room window. So, as of recent I’ve taken to feeding them. I make a point of buying some sunflower seeds, peanuts, etc when I do my grocery shopping. Every morning, I get up and throw a few handfuls out to these squirrels, and then watch them come and eat them. It’s really cute! In fact, if I sleep in past 8:30 am I surprised to see them out front, squawking at my window or front porch.

The other night, I wasn’t feeling very well and was unable to finish my dinner of left over pizza and garlic toast. So I threw out some pizza crust and the half-eaten slice of garlic toast, after breaking it up into small pieces of course. I wasn’t sure they would like it or not.
About twenty minutes later, as I was taking out the garbage I spotted a little, fuzzy gray squirrel running up the tree with a piece of garlic bread in his mouth. 🙂

This reminds me…I need to pick up yet another bag of peanuts at the store.

~K. Crumley


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