Off-Topic Tuesday: Web design as a career choice? Possibly.

So, I’ve been experimenting with my website design at and learning some new tricks. I really enjoy designing my own website, as tedious and frustrating as it can be sometimes. I’ve had my own writing website for years, even before becoming an indie author.

Recently, though, I’ve been considering web design (or some IT related job) as a career move. Reason being: Things at my day job are pretty scary right now, for more than one reason (which I cannot reveal here because of confidentiality issues). I have to look at a “back up plan” in case everything falls through at my security job. (God forbid!)

That being said, I’m thinking of going back to school…
Most likely, I’d be double-majoring in Criminal Justice and IT. Now, this all depends on numerous factors of course: The first being money, the second being time (Lord knows I never have enough of it as it is) and the third being my health (I suffer from colitis and endometriosis, but thanks to my prescription regiment I’m keeping both conditions under control.)

Also I was thinking of a double-major of creative writing and web design. đŸ™‚ Either way, I think studying web development and design will help out in all of my career oriented goals, including indie authorship.

~K. Crumley


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