Really brief post today. Pressed for time, but I am trying to stick to my blogging schedule as much as all my other schedules.
* This week, I am going to discipline myself to write 3-4 hours per day.
I’m going to try to work out a schedule to split that time between my 2 current Works in Progress. Most likely, utilize my time in the mornings before I go off to work more wisely.

* I’m also going to try to have a new release every other month, even if it’s just a poetry collection or short story.
I don’t want to fall off of my readership’s radar. In fact, I want to increase my readership. I’m hoping to reach as many readers as I can, which leads me to my next goal.

* I’m going to do all I can to market & promote myself better. No, this doesn’t mean I’m going to hound all of you with tweets of my books, spam my facebook friends and family with book posts and invites, or do anything else that most people deem annoying and a turn-off. I’ll invest wisely in paid advertising when I can (like for example Fae magazine). Also, look for free advertising (like banner ad swapping) opportunities as they crop up.

Well, I better get cracking and start writing. Have a great week, people! 🙂

~K. Crumley.


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