New Blogging Schedule

New blogging schedule (which may change in the near future….we’ll see.) 

Mon: Writing related posts.  Updates on current projects, inspirations, etc.  (maybe a rant or two, we’ll see.) 

Tues: Off-topic Tuesday.  Anything from movies, rants about the day job, my IRL hobbies, etc. 

Wed: Poetry 

Thurs: Character Connections

Saturday: Speaking as a Reader.  YES, I’ll talk about books, but not as a writer. I’ll discuss what I’m reading, and what types of books I enjoy.  Also, I’ll discuss what leads me to buy & read certain books. 

Sunday: My day of rest! hehe! I won’t be posting anything new on sunday, with the possible exception of #SampleSunday contributions.

Boy, I’m going to be busy.  Hope you continue to follow and enjoy my posts. 😉 


~K. Crumley 


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