Wednesday poetry: Emotional Rollercoaster

~Emotional Roller Coaster~

I’ve been to the height of joy
Plunging down
To the depths
Of despair
And pain
The sickening
In my stomach
Dizziness as I soar
Again to the highest heights.
Waves of agony and fear
Waves of hope and joy
Wash over me
And then I come
Charging back
And, just when I think
This ride is about to end
As the train pulls into the station…
It doesn’t stop;
Nor even slow.
But races right through
Another slow, uphill climb.
Raising hope, raising excitement…
Then, soaring down again.
I cannot even
Catch my breath.
It never ends.
My stomach churns,
Head spins
heart races,
As it
At least
It’s still beating.
Sets my mind reeling.
Getting more nauseous
With every hill
Every fast,
Around the bend.
I could unbuckle myself,
Jump off…
Out of the car
That I’m
Trapped in
For then,
My Fate
Would be far worse,
Broken bones, head injury,
Even Fatality.
Play it safe
Just wait
Ride it out
Let lose
Enjoy it!
Embrace it!
Until it stops
In due time.



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One response to “Wednesday poetry: Emotional Rollercoaster

  1. lisarayns

    This is Beautiful! Bravo!

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