Blast from the past. Apparently, my opinionated mouth gets me in trouble again. Here’s a pro-indie repost/rant about indie authorship, and what we’re not allowed to say (according to some).

K. Crumley rambles on...

Okay, my next blog post wasn’t supposed to be one of my argumentative, soap box, pro-indie posts. It was supposed to be about book trailers, and how they are good for marketing. BUT that will be pre-empted for a later date (TBA).

I am so irked about something right now–yes, a few crazy argument on another board–that I have to speak up about it. It mostly has to do with freedom of speech and freedom of the press (and yes, I do consider one’s right to self-publish part of that). No offense to anyone living outside of the US, but I am very adamant about my freedom to write and say what I want.

YES, there are some badly self published books. LADIDA! THere are also a lot of bad traditionally published books. There are some really awesome self-published books out there, that may not be “the norm” or may…

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