Friday Five: Short Story Collections

Friday Five: Short stories

Today’s Friday Five features short story anthologies. As a short story writer myself, this topic is very near and dear to me. And, I’m pleased to feature some great ones here, in varied genres.

1. Ten bits From My Brain by Stuart Jaffe

Author Stuart Jaffe takes you across the Fantasy and Science Fiction landscapes with ten wide-ranging stories including three all-new tales. From the tiny life of a fly to the far reaches of space, from an elderly witch in WWII’s Lublin ghetto to a dragon detective in the modern world’s harsh streets, from tattoos and chess games to robberies and betrayals, these stories are packed with action, drama, and a bit of the weird.

“Stuart’s work defies pigeon-holing. The man who hosts the podcast “The Eclectic Review” with his wife, demonstrates a talent that is as facile and varied as his intellect. All of these pieces, though, show a master storyteller at the top of his art.” — from the introduction by David B. Coe
Available at Amazon:

2. Maybelle’s Revenge by LB Gschwandtner 
A short story collection with an edge. Paranormal events, vengeful attacks, payback for past pain — and lots of other quirky tidbits are the stuff of this collection, including a love stricken parrot and a town that takes on an electric glow. It’s all in here but, to start, there’s Maybelle’s Revenge. And she is out to get some payback.
Available at amazon:

3. Extinct Doesn’t Mean Forever Edited By: Phoenix Sullivan

Genre: Anthology and/or Science Fiction

Echoes of yesterday touch the lives of ordinary people in extraordinary ways in 19 provocative stories by some of the best up-and-coming authors of mainstream and speculative fiction around the world. Extinct Doesn’t Mean Forever is an eclectic mix of variations on the theme, including literary spec fiction, humor, and hard and soft science fiction stories that feature thylacines, dinosaurs, Neanderthals, alien races and more.

Available At:

4. The Space Hotel Series Collection by Alain Gomez
Hotel Moonwalk is earth’s first outer space hotel. Designed to be the ultimate party experience, it’s a dream come true for the the world’s wealthiest celebrities. But unbeknownst to its guests, an alien science vessel lurking nearby is also using the hotel… 

Contains the complete Space Hotel Series. Titles include “Celebrity Space,” “Doctor Fleicher,” “Hotel Moonwalk,” “Director of Human Resources,” and “The Hall of Immortals.”

Short Story Collection, approx 14,000 words total

Available at:

5. The Flirts: Five Romantic Short Stories by Lisa Scott
Flirts! 5 Romantic Short Stories to squeeze into your busy life. Fun, flirty, sweet, and sassy—always with the perfect happy ending. Discover the link that ties the stories together.

Each story is 8,000 to 11,000 words in length (approximately 32-44 typical book pages in length. 53,000 words total, or 210 typical book pages.)

The stories include:

“The Hot Girl’s Friend” 
How can a plain Jane find love when her best friend is a curvy blond man magnet? 

Jane usually busies herself during a night on the town, fending off the men lusting after her gorgeous friend Miranda. When Brady the bartender overhears her inspired, ludicrous excuses, he resolves to hook up Jane with his friends. But Jane would be quite happy with him. Pine along as Jane tries to find her own happily ever after.

“Wrong Place, Right Guy”
She’s in the wrong place at the wrong time. Can the guy who saves her be Mr. Right? Or will his past keep them apart?

When Kristen is jumped in a parking lot, Tony jumps in to save the day. While she thinks her hero could also be her heartthrob, Tony’s worried his past is reason to stay apart. Will the good guy get the girl in the end?

“Not You” 
One night with a stranger…gets even stranger the next day.

Single, lonely Carly thinks the best way to handle her mother’s third wedding is by throwing her own bachelorette-party-for-one the night before. What’s the harm in her first one-night stand ever? She’ll find out the next day.

“Desperately Seeking Cupid” 
Does she finally have the key for finding love?

Brianna has tried everything to find love—with no luck. So she’s turning to feng shui to bring romance to her world. Too bad the guy she’s after thinks its bunk. Will her formula for love work—or blow up in her face?

“Never Been Dumped”
It’s a relationship with an expiration date and it’s going to go bad.

Rachel hates breaking hearts. She’s never been dumped, and she’s tired of being the one to walk away. But a handsome stranger in town for the summer promises he’ll dump her after their summer fling. Will they be able to say goodbye?

Flirts! Five Romantic Short Stories to make you smile and swoon—buy the collection now for 2.99 or buy single stories for .99 each.

Available at:

If you enjoy a good short story every once in a while, feel free to check these out!

To have your book included in a future edition of Friday Five, please email me at with “Friday Five” in the subject line.

~K. Crumley


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