Wednessday Poetry: Demon

The demon

The demon
From my past
who used to plague
my existence
my dreams
The nightmaric hell
of his phony
friendship, allegience
Misspent time
Tied to him
when I should have been
Seeking an Angel…

painful memory
crossed my mind
this morning,
and I cast it
No more fear,
Manipulation or intimidation.
Bad spirits,
go away.

I’ve found my Angel now
I’ve found LOVE,
in its purest form.
All of its beauty, virtue,
faith and love.

Demon at last
cannot dominate me.
He’s fled to find
someone else to plague,
to intimidate, to dominate.
And, I feel sorry
for his prey.

~KLC 12/28/2011~


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One response to “Wednessday Poetry: Demon

  1. I truly appreciate your piece of work, Great post.

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