Character Connections: Astrid Armadas.

Character Name: Astrid Armadas
Nickname: “The Blade.” Plus, several Aliases have been used in her lifetime, depending on her mission. Many times she has assumed a new identity and gone “in cognito” even as a male.
Age: 28
Hair Color: Black
Eye color: Brown
Frame: thin, average height.
Featured in: Daddy’s little girl. Short Story to debut Superbowl Sunday.

Astrid’s mother left when she was five years-old. Her mother left her nothing but a glance of pity as she left. The last words Astrid remembers her mother saying was when she called her father “A Killer!” Those words became like a curse word to Astrid, as she prefered to think of Assassins as “Exterminators.”
Daddy's Little Girl cover
Astrid received a rude awakening to the world her father lived in when she was 16. She was kidnapped and brutalized by a rival assassin group, an arch enemy of her father. The leader had tried to rape her, but her father was an expert sniper, and shot the creep at the base of his skull.

Soon after, Astrid would follow in her father footsteps and join the highly trained, skillful team of assassins known as “The Agency.”
Mastery with blades of different makes and designs has earned her the nickname “The Blade,” as her father is known as “The Bullet.”

When their boss Emanuel is approached by his old friend Col. Briggs, to take out the American Football Player that brutally raped his teenage daughter, he knows there’s one person who can carry out the extermination with skilled precision. The Blade.

Superbowl Sunday…be prepared for Daddy’s Little Girl.


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