Character Connections: Prince Raphael

This week’s Character: Prince Raphael D’Marcius
Books he’ll be appearing in: A Prince Reborn, and the Corithian Saga. First in the series: Prophecies of Fire. Release date TBA
Sex: Male
Age at the beginning of the saga: 11
Hair color: Blond
Eye color: Ice blue
Heritage: Grandson of King Marcius I, who defeated the Dorzyn for supremacy of Corithia. Raphael was born in Corithia, heir to the throne…until his tragic disappearance. (I cannot reveal more than that, as it would be considered a spoiler).
Siblings: His younger brother, Prince Jaryd.
Love interest: Morrigan DeLaiec, his soulmate. A young duchess from a neighboring Isle kingdom, who has the gift of prophecy.

Raphael is a character that I created years ago, inspired by artwork from the Brothnd, ers Hildebrant. It depicted a Mer-prince sitting on a throne of shells. A picture really does tell a story, as it inspired the original version of A Prince Reborn (which still can be read at, and in the now out-of-print anthology Facets).

When we revisit Raphael in the first book of The Corithian Saga, he is an adult merman still in love with Morrigan. He realizes his brother–who he keeps watch over–is still that naieve little boy at heart. Raphael has to face the fact that he cannot save the people he loves most from fates worse than death–and he has some difficult choices to make.

I hope that you’ll check out A Prince Reborn, FOR FREE at my website when it’s available within the next few weeks.
And, stick around for Prophecies Of Fire: Corithian Saga Book I.

~K. Crumley


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