Relationships & Books. Life imitating art.

Relationships are a lot like books.
Sometimes you get really into one…and you get to the last page, and wish there was more to the story.
Sometimes the endings are sad, tragic, or just disappointing.
Sometimes you’re lucky enough to find a sequel…or that it’s part of a trilogy.
But, a lot of books are stand-alones.
Regardless, when you get to the last page…you close it. You move on.
There are plenty of other books out there to discover.

~K. Crumley, 10-31-2011


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  1. Reblogged this on K. Crumley rambles on… and commented:

    We had an epic trilogy, filled with love, laughter and music. Fun times, romantic evenings and afternoons, serene times when we shared our feelings. When we shared everything. Yesterday afternoon, I reached the last page at the final chapter. The end. I will never stop loving him. But all in all, I am not bitter. Let’s close the trilogy of US, and write a new book. There will be a lot of poems coming soon…

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