#SampleSunday Poem–Dark Angel (wip)


My Dark Angel
Tugs at my heartstrings.
I can hear you cry.
Sense your pain.
I’ll be your strength…

In his arms
There is peace.
Wings wrap around me
Shielding me from turmoil.

I ask him for too much…
Some times.
More than he can

He cries out,
“Give me room
So I can fly.”
Soars away,
Then, returns to me.

Rest again,
Said I’m his escape…
Escape to me.
Escape with me.

When life gets so unkind
When you are afraid
You’ll lose your mind

It all gets so overwhelming.
You feel so much,
I feel it too.

Plunging down…
To the depths of despair.
When your burdens
Outweigh your strength.

Dark Angel,
I’ll still be here
For you
When you fall.

~K Crumley 7/30/2011


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