Character Connections: Zella Weaver

Character Connections: Zella Weaver

Featured in: Black Widow & Other Tales

Age in which the story takes place: 25

Inspiration: Zella was partially inspired by an actual black widow spider I saw crawling around the floor at my “night job” while working a midnight shift. She was also inspired by a photograph I saw in a hairstyle/beauty magazine and of course the character Abby on NCIS. 😉
Also, I created this story on the heels of the final Harry Potter book, infatuated by the animagus characters like Sirius Black.

Zella is a goth chick, and fantasy fan with a secret she hides from her co-workers. She is a spider animagus.
She has her eye on her prey—a guy a little bit out of her league, who she flirts with in the office. She knows they’re not each other’s type. He’s a little bit out of her league—but that’s what poses a fun challenge to her.
When she sees him zoom off in a convertible with some blonde, she is crushed. But, in this story…
That’s where the fun begins for this gal!

Read about Zella and 4 other intriguing, unforgettable heroines in…


Also available in paperback this fall.


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