Tuning out the Noise

I wanted to actually write fiction today…something I’ve been trying to do all week. But the static from certain message boards, web sites, etc…keeps pulling me back in. I get roped into the same discussions/arguments/debates even though I vowed to stay away from them. I keep checking stats, page updates, etc…tweaking my own website.
I’ve been counting it as “writing time” if I did something like post on facebook.

As of recent months, I rarely have practiced what I have preached. Nor have I stuck to my resolutions and goals for this year. The best I can do is wipe the proverbial slate clean, start fresh and new today.

The only way I’m going to do this is to tune out the noise—especially when the noise (particularly from a certain message board) fills me with a lot of negative emotions, including self-doubt. If I don’t tune them out, I dwell on the same damn arguments and don’t get any real writing done. If I spend every free hour questioning myself as an indie author, and engaging in over-done debates then in some sick, passive way I’m letting the haters win. And, we can’t have that. Can we? I need to remember my favorite quote “The haters are help, and I don’t argue with the help”. 😉

I need to discipline myself all over again, and spend what spare hours I have free actually writing. By that I mean writing books, short stories, blog posts, poems, etc…
Not “time waster” activities, like defensively responding to “OMG ALL U INDIE WRITERZ SUX” posts, or engaging in fruitless debates with intellectual blowhards. We’re all self-proclaimed experts, aren’t we? Too many chiefs…?

I need to pull myself out of the BS, and back into “my writing place.” I’m just going to ignore that which makes me counter-productive, which saps my confidence, and takes up too damn much time and energy.

Onto finish Charmed Lives…

Have a great day! Write and Publish with Pride!


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One response to “Tuning out the Noise

  1. You go girl…finish that book up!!!

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