I’ve been a bad, bad girl…but I’ve made a decision.

First off: I’ve fallen behind in both my writing and reading goals as of late. The demands of my Security/CJ career and my struggle with colitis & endometriosis not withsanding.

Then there is that bad habit of mine, that I need to break. As my friend Zoe would say, I should “back off the indie rah rah train.” It’s been a very hard thing for me to do.

Yesterday, when it would have been an awesome day to write, I wound up logging onto a certain message board for a while. I hopped aboard the “indie rah rah train,” got all snarky with 2 proxy trolls, and one proxy sock puppet. For once though, I didn’t get the last word. (damnit! LOL ) I let those “can’t we all get along” and those who actually spoke wisely have it. I even was warned not to get into it, with a person who was on the same side as me.

This certain message board has become a hate-fest as of late. I had a feeling a few days ago that the authors at that site (mostly indies, and a few authors who have been published both ways) were becoming like a wolf pack devouring their young. It was turning into a sick game of survival of the fittest.

Apparently, there is a new group of nay-sayers. The indie better-than-thous, who like to bash other indies as being “hacks.” The ones who say “All indie books are bad, except for mine of course because I am the god or goddess of literature.” I think some of those immature fools think that readers would see those comments and say “oh well, they must be a cut above the rest if they can put down other indie books. I think I’ll buy their book!” Or, they are just doing that for their own egotistical reason. Some of this crowd has been traditionally published before, or they’ve found an agent…or they have great sales, and great reviews. Something that gives them the right (in their own mind) to be such a condescending snob.

You know, I was traditionally published as a short story writer & poet. But, back in the day, I NEVER put down self-publishers. I did, at the time, think they were embarking on a really expensive endeavor (and back before ebooks and POD it was very expensive); and that there were a lot of companies out there that could rip off authors. BUT: A) I never thought (or even assumed) that they were “bad writers” because they made that decision for themselves. I would NEVER make that kind of assumption without first reading their work. and B) I respected their reasons for doing so. WOW! Respect! What a far out concept! I know a lot of people who need to embrace that right now. It’s free to try, and it won’t be harmful to your health. I promise. All you need to do is OPEN YOUR MIND!

And, to this day I do not put myself above other indies. Why? It’s stupid. Then again, I’ve always been modest and humble. I see no big thrill in being a judgmental, narcissistic, elitist, vain, arrogant, prat. Do you? What do people really get out of that?

All in all, my decision has been to steer clear of that message board for a while. I may pop on once in a while to see if they are actually having any conversations that are actually useful and productive, but that’s about it. I may even post on what few useful threads there still are.

Other than that…? Um, See ya!
“It’s been real. It’s been nice. But it hasn’t been real nice.”



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One response to “I’ve been a bad, bad girl…but I’ve made a decision.

  1. Exactly. Constructive criticism, if solicited, is one thing, but trashing the work of others in an attempt to elevate yourself is a pretty crappy thing to be doing.

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