Poetry…in ebook format?

I’ve been contemplating releasing a book of poetry for kindle. Mostly, just because I want to share what I’ve written. It’s nothing that I think I’m going to make a lot of money off of, and I might comfortably price it at $1.00 to $1.25 (depending on length).

The other issue is rights…some of it has been published by other people (other than myself and elfwood) and I can’t remember the names of some of those sources. Most are out of print anyways…but still I think “previously published by XYZ press in ABC anthology of poetry” gives it more “clout”. Then again, I’m pro-indie…why should I care about clout, anyways? heeheeheee.

The other issue is that I wonder if there’s really a market for that sort of thing. As I said, I’m not in it to make money–I mostly just want to share what I’ve written in poetic form. But, I want it to be worth my time and effort. If I do all the work, and nobody even bothers to read or sample it, I’d feel really bad.

Then, there are all of my technophobic whiners in my F&F, who will lament that it is not in print format. Um, the downloadable ap is free. If you really want a copy, I will print one out for you. This, like Carousel, will be ebook format ONLY. Unless it does really well…then I may consider it worth it to use createspace for a POD edition. 😉

The other thing is: I’m stuck for a title! OOPS! LOL


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  1. Go for it…It can’t hurt to try!

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