Cover Art Observations

I find it really funny that a lot of commercial publishing houses are using stock imagery from istock and Getty Images rather than paying cover artists to draw/paint/render something. Seriously, it’s true. About a week ago I was at Borders, just browsing around and TWO urban fantasy/paranormal/horror books had images that I had put in my lightbox and considered using for Black Widow & Other Tales. Not only that, when I was reading the back flap of the hardbound edition of Patrick Rothfuss’ new book, I realized that the cover image was credited to Getty Images.
I guess bigger publishing houses are really trying to save money.

Maybe that’s why there’s so much blandness out there…like Patterson’s and Gambon’s covers. Any techie can stap a neon number “9” on a cover against a bright background. Any graphic artist can come up with a symbol, against a florescent background. Why hire “the next Rembrant” to paint something when you can just do something like that? *rolls eyes* Even a Stock Image is better than NO image. Just sayin’.

I’m not just using this as another excuse to dis commercial publishing houses. Not at all. It’s just an observation (more as a reader than as an author/publisher).

That being said, I notice more and more of my indie author colleagues are hiring artists to do their covers. I’ve seen some great ones! I really wish that I could…actually I wish my sister had the time to paint one for me (but I understand that is hard to do with a toddler running around). I do get her input though on my covers, etc.

I’m planning another blog post about cover art, and it will be accompanied by an ebook giveaway (I’ll be “gifting” the anthology to 3 lucky people.) That will probably be wed. or thurs.

I also have a blog/giveaway coming up about book trailers. I’m guessing that will be friday.

Signing off for now.

Write & publish with pride!
~K Crumley


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