Phases that I’m glad I’m Over. (Part 1)

Here is a list of some phases that I’ve thankfully overcome in my years spent writing. Most of these may not seem writing/publishing related but they were…in that spending my time on them wasted time when I could have been writing.

So here they are, in no particular order…

Anime. Yes, Japanese Animation. No offense anime fans, but I confess that I did waste a lot of my time watching a good bit of it when I should have been writing.

The Highlander Crush.
Well Dangerous Realm would probably have actually attracted more readers now than it had back when it was serialized in an ezine, due to the popularity of PNR. But, trying to duplicate Adrian Paul’s McLeod for the series was…well an excercise in “glorified fanfic.”

The cutesy fairy tale stage.
The Elf Princess sucked so bad that looking back, even I hate it now when I re-read it. A rare phoenix has arose from the ash in The Golden Rose but the rest of it…BLAH! I can’t believe I came up with some of that Mary-sueified, sacharine crap. I guess I have really grown up as a writer.

“but I’m a poet!” Stage. Don’t ask.

Hobbyist stage. This is where I pursued another career (real estate) and just wrote as a hobby. It also led me to the decision “well, geez. If I wanted to wait six months to a year before earning any profit income, I’d stick to my writing!” I just didn’t have the passion for real estate that a lot of realtors have.

The “too many cooks” stage. At one time, I was a firm believer in, OWW writing workshop, et al…
Not that sites like that, and critique groups are not useful. They are. But, you need to be savvy and cautious when participating; particularly when you try to apply your feedback to your current writing project. You can’t please everybody. You will receive critiques that completely contradict each other. Stay true to yourself. Your muse. Your style and voice. Do not let “too many cooks” ruin your broth….I mean book πŸ˜‰ Trust me, I went through this…and wound up ruining stories because I was trying to implicate every (sensible) change suggested. It was maddening.
From this though, I found a good critique partner who knows me and my voice, and won’t make overly-subjective commentary like “you should remove the dragon character because I don’t like dragons” or “you should make your main character die and have her tell the story from heaven.” *rolls eyes.*

Indie Warrior Phase–Well, I confess that is still an ongoing thing πŸ˜‰ However, I am trying very hard not to waste my time defending my right to self-publish when I should be actually writing. However, on occasion when I feel I really must speak out against some outlandish/outdated/bigoted statement I will. I will however restrain myself to one wise comment, and then drop it. I won’t get into a long winded, multi-post debate like I did recently with a certain TV writer/midlister. It’s not that I don’t respect his opinions, I just disagree. And, worse of all it’s his lack of tact. But I decided not to let Mr. Passive Aggressive get under my skin. Deep inside, I don’t think he means any ill will…he just doesn’t know how to express himself tactfully. And, that’s such a shame for someone who considers himself a writer. hm.

As for the others though…
“The haters are the help…and I don’t argue with help.” ~N. Cannon


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