#SampleSunday, Page 99 of Wishful Thinking

Page 99 of my fantasy/mystery novella Wishful Thinking. Book 1 in the Daughters of Oberia Series.  I hope you’ll enjoy this excerpt.

“No wait. Wait…and talk to me a minute first!”Lylah began.“I have something to tell you to um…show you before you see Queen Mummy.”

“Sorry, Aunt Lylah.” Xandria said. She could
read her thoughts, thanks to the Sharana. She could tell
that Lylah never intended on letting her see her
Grandmother. “I’m not interested in hearing what you
have to say.” Xandria said as she walked unhindered
across the throne room. She headed straight toward the
large wooden door in the back of the room partially
hidden behind a velvet curtain.

“We used to be so close, dear.” Lylah said, with
her head tilted. Smile bearing her horse teeth. “We use
to be friends…”

“You ruined that, Lylah.” Xandria said, “You
ruined that by siding with them, against me and my
family.” Xandria pointed behind her, indicating the two
frozen faeries.

“But, I’m family too!” Lylah whined, “We all

“What a sorry excuse for a family,” Xandria
ranted. “When my parents were dying we trusted you
to help us take care of them.  But, you bid your time, and
gave us the cure at the very last minute. How
convenient your timing was. You waited it out just long
enough to end their lives, before coming to us with
Yasminea to look like a caring sister. You knew that it
would be too late and they’d die anyways! Traitor!”
As Xandria turned towards the door, Lylah
raised her hands and muttered “Trelijah! Oceana!”
Right as Xandria opened the door a tidal wave rushed
towards her.

Xandria held up her hand, palm out toward the
tidal wave. It stopped before her as if she was standing
behind a glass dam, changing its current. Then, she
gestured with her arm in the opposite direction. With
just that simple movement, Xandria reversed the
water’s flow so the wave burst forth towards Lylah. It
swept her off her feet and carried her off with the force
of its current.

Xandria grinned, “You forget, Lylah,” She
called out to her aunt as she was swept away, “that I have
the power to wield water to my whim. Mermaid magic
intermingled with my own. It saved my life, you know.
Bye now, Auntie. I’m off to see grandmother.” She
strode through the door, shutting it behind her.


Wishful Thinking (Daughters of Oberia Book 1) is available at Amazon.com, bn.com, and at our homepage dragondreamzpublications.info.



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2 responses to “#SampleSunday, Page 99 of Wishful Thinking

  1. Nice excerpt. Good dialogue relaying information regarding the past of the characters.

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