Flash-back scenes and brainstorms

Thank heaven for writing brainstorms!  I don’t know what I would do without them.  When I’m pondering over a character detail, plot point, etc…and then I have that moment of “aha!”  and figure out a way to make a difficult scene work, it’s all good.  For me it’s very reaffirming.

While working on the second chapter for Charmed Lives, I had found myself in a dilemma (after a bout with writing amnesia…in which I forgot what I already wrote).  I had been working on a flashback scene.  But, I cannot take my laptop into work anymore. I have to be “old school” at work, using a tablet and pen.  I feel like a cave woman!  hahaha

Anyhoo…I write out the rest of the scene, and then type it in to the computer when I get home.  However, I noticed I had a big plot inconsistency (due to the temporary amnesia).  I was at a dilemma….

Then, it hit me.  Why not keep it that way, using both what I had already written and what I had just written down on tablet paper–with a little tweaking of course.  I could show the flashback scenes from two different perspectives.  One, the perspective of Maevis’ former mother-in-law who sees her family as “better than thou” and feels that aside from catty comments, she jealous daughter Trish had behaved herself quite well in the presence of the excentric family of kooks that she sees the Etherwoods as.

Then, we’ll show Fiona’s POV…and her take on the events of the same night.  Her drunk husband Rodger even making an appearance.  She was so busy tending to him, that the two younger sisters were prone to prank playing and mischief.

Might be hard–literary acrobatic hard–but I’m willing to give it a go.  It’s interesting to have to go back to when Reese was alive, and maybe not yet cheating on Maevis…I feel like George Lucas, in a way, going back and creating prequels to his existing films.  I am trying to hold true to the cannons I’ve established.  (so glad I created a timeline back when I was working on my first draft…at least I can refer to it 😉 )

I hope I didn’t spoil too much by saying that, but it really is exciting when you have one of those brainstorms. 🙂

Write & Publish With Pride

~K Crumley


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  1. Congrats on your “eureka” moment! I do love it when that happens…and I’m normally at the point where I really need one too. LOL

    I love it even more when I can keep what I’ve already written and just mesh things together… 😉

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