…is the new…

Interesting. So “All self-published authors are buying each others’ books…”
is the new “they only sell to friends and family.”

That is the new excuse the nay-sayers are using, in order to discredit best selling titles by indie authors on Amazon.

And, trying to explain how the top 100 in amazon’s kindle store is full of indie titles. “they’re all buying each others’ books…” and because “there’s so many self-publishers out there…” that’s why there’s such high book sales.

Oh really? well first of all, there is no way to prove that.; nor is there a way to disprove that. Amazon does not disclose who bought your books (via kindle or hardcopy). Yes, people (maybe other indies) comment and post reviews over books being read. STILL: there is no way to prove or disprove that this is true. I think sales for popular indie titles have a fair mix of readers who are other authors; and readers from the general (non-writing) public.

Furthermore: If it is true that we are buying each others’ books it’s only further proof that there are a lot of good indie titles out there.  Writers tend to be very picky readers, myself included.  Indie writers are aware that there are some bad books out there…but we don’t buy them.  We don’t post reviews for them; we neither endorse nor cross-promote with them.  We hope the writer either works harder to make a better book, or that the book just fades into obscurity.

Many non-authors are buying indie kindle titles.  Do you know why?

a) Price.  Traditional publishers (even smaller presses) are STILL pricing their kindle titles even higher than the paperback editions.

b) Originality.  People (thankfully) are outgrowing stories about abducted/murdered children’s bones and sparkly vampires. Not to mention all the LOTR and Pern copy-cats that line the fantasy shelves.  When they want something fresh and original–not the same old, same old–they turn to indie authors.

c) Discovering somebody/something new.  Amazon is like a mine.  If you dig deep enough, you might just find a hidden gem.  People like discovering new talent, and telling their friends about it.

A sale is a sale.  Any sale is a good sale to me, regardless of who bought it.  And, if fellow indies are buying my titles too I consider that an honor.

Publish with Pride,

K. Crumley



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2 responses to “…is the new…

  1. In both music and art, the reason the establishment got mad is the new publishing paradigm cut the middle man out of the dollar loop.

    Wonder of wonders, the money now goes to the artists. Those who are only in it to exploit rather than create are left out.

    I hate it for ’em.

    Dr. B, author, “The Mandolin Case”

  2. I’m actually more nervous about other writers buying my books than the general public. LOL I know I’m somewhat picky in what I read, and others are moreso than me, so if all those indies are buying other indie books, that’s a good sign, IMO.

    Unless they’re implying that the books are being bought, but not read. Which could happen, I suppose, but not at anywhere near the amounts that some authors are selling.

    Whatever – they can think what they want. *shrug* No time to worry about the naysayers – I have more books to write/publish. 😉

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