Just want to give a shout out to Joe Konrath

Recently, on Joe Konrath’s blog, he posted a link to several of us indie authors’ books. This was part of an exchange agreement. We all purchased Draculas by Konrath and Blake Crouch.

“that’s no big deal” nay-sayers might say. “He’s just doing this as a thanks for actually buying HIS books.”

Well as part of the arangement, Blake actually did purchase mine. (Black Widow & Other Tales.)

So yes, it was reciprocal. Secondly this mention in Konrath’s blog–a very popular blog btw–resulted in a sales boost for many of us.

It was also featured on the Kindle Nation blog.

Okay, Link time: http://jakonrath.blogspot.com/2010/11/with-little-help.html

I’m enjoying this current upswing in sales, and definitely grateful to Joe for referencing WISHFUL THINKING.

I hope the trend continues.

All in all, I like how the indie community pulls together, and supports each other. How we recommend each others’ books and cross-promote.

This is a very good thing, IMO.

I’m going to have to wrap this up, but I just wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude, and again mention how proud I am to be an Indie Author today.

Publish with Pride,

Karen Crumley


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