Peace on Earth!(and in the writing world too)

In the spirit of the Holiday season, remember this: 

It doesn’t matter whether you’re published commercially or traditionally.  We’re all wonderful, creative minds united by our love for literature & art. it doesn’t matter if John Doe sold 100,000 copies and Mary Smith only sold 10.  In fact, if you do know the key to being a megaseller, share that advice with your fellow writers…Lend somebody who is just starting out a helping hand.  And, do not chide them for the path they took to express their creativity.  It’s that person’s choice.  Perhaps they have very sound, logical reasons for doing so…

Lets all respect each other as fellow artists, no matter what genre you write, or what platform you chose (sp/indie or tp/cp).  It’s all writing!  And If you know someone who hasn’t yet honed their craft, offer to give a constructive critique of their current novel.  If you know of a SP author who wrote a great book, help them get the word out. If you know an agent willing to work with someone (if they are trying to go that route) mention it to that author.  Don’t just blast them for chosing SP.   And I for one will promise not to get to snippy and defensive over my stance.  I’ll just politely and respectfuly state my reasons for chosing indie pub, and say “to each his/her own.” 

After all, we need to respect each other.

Now, let’s all join hands and sing Kumbaya!  LOL 🙂

(Or Put a little love in your heart…)


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