An Unfortunate Hiatus

The status of things right now is that everything is on a temporary hold…well more like stuck in a gridlock.  A few months ago my Good laptop crashed, and I have been unable to restore it.  It’s a windows 10 upgrade glitch, obviously and …well a long story there.

Dealing with illnesses and medical issues has also set me back a bit, but I continue to be on the mend, and have just recooperated from a sinus infection that lasted about 2 weeks.

Now I’m ready to roll…but on my old computer.  It’s a challenge until I can get the new one fixed.

I’ll be resuming work on Charmed Lives, Prophecy Revealed, and the first few episodes of the serial.  Release dates to be announced soon (knock on wood everything works out finally). 😉



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Pushing Back Deadlines and other announcements

Prophecy Revealed book cover-FINALCRUMLEY - Sovereign Eyes CoverPushing back deadlines and release dates a bit (mostly due to my health issues). I really hate to do this, but sometimes it is unavoidable. And, as much as I hate to admit it *gasp* I bit off way more than I can chew this fall, including participating in NaNoWriMo. So I apologize in advance to readers and followers of this blog.

The good news is:

I am still moving forward with having at least one book released by Christmas (but, hopefully two). Prophecy Revealed will be released first, followed by the long awaited second book in the Daughters of Oberia Trilogy Charmed Lives. Aiming for a December release for both, but possibly Charmed Lives will be moved back to January, or even Feb. In lieu of the next poetry book (which I may just wait and release in summer).

I am still planning to launch the serialized fantasy GIFTED in January 2016. The first season of the series will include 7-10 episodes and during its debut run it will be available through Amazon, Kindle Unlimited, as well as in paperback through CreateSpace, for those of you non-kindle people. (After its debut run, it will be available through other online ebook retailers, such as kobo, ibooks, and nook).

I will be posting official release dates as soon as I get all the details worked out.

I want to give a special shout out to Sherry of SwoonWorthy Book Covers who designed the covers of Prophecy Revealed, and also Sovereign Eyes: Gifted Series Episode I. I highly recommend her for any authors looking for inexpensive, genre-specific, premade book covers.

For more info on upcoming releases and a special sneak peek at the Epic fantasy serial Gifted feel free to sign up for my mailing list; see the link above for mailing list info. 😉



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NaNoWriMo Day 19: Some Reflections


  • Current word count: 18,715. Aiming for 20k before this day is over.
  • I will never again attempt NaNoWriMo knowing I have a book release pending on Cyber Monday. Now I’m falling behind on two different but equally important writing projects. (Or, perhaps I should just not plan a book release during November so I can participate in NaNoWriMo.)
  • Migraine headaches have reared their ugly heads which also has affected my progress.
  • As I near the end of this story, it is most likely NOT going to be 50k. It’s predecessor in the series (Prophecy Revealed) is not that long either. Not that I won’t write 50K…I’ll just start book 3 of the series when book 2 is completed.
  • The Essential Clannad CD has been my soundtrack for working on this project. I wish I could use their music for the trailer, but I’ll have to find something comparable to the mood, and feel of their music on


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NaNoWriMo Day 6

NaNoWriMo Day 6

Some comments thus far:

  • I this story is darker than its predecessor in this series. I half-expected it to be so, however. 😉
  • This morning I passed the 10k mark. I hope to make 12k by this evening.
  • I wouldn’t be making the progress that I am without Chris Fox’s book 5,000 Words Per Hour. Actually, I probably woudn’t have participated this year had I not adopted this writing method. It has more than doubled my productivity thus far.
  • I have procrastinated other things though—namely housework, and editing Prophecy Revealed. I need to get on that.
  • Unlike previous attempts at nano I am not including filler, and am trying to actually write A GOOD STORY. That’s half the challenge after all. I Remember, Wishful Thinking turned out to be a Novella after I cut out all the filler I inserted during Nano (the only year I’d actually won). 😉
  • NaNoWriMo helps me to take my writing seriously; keeping it top priority and it’s the first thing I do when I get up in the morning (after making coffee of course 😉 ).
  • I plan to blaze ahead this week, so that Thanksgiving weekend I can award myself a “day off” when family is in town, etc.

For those of you who would like to buddy me or follow my progress my name on NaNoWriMo’s official site is Karen_Crumley.

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I Grew

And, I became stronger, wiser person

I grew

I spread my wings

Onward I flew

But I never



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Big Decisions & Beneficial Changes

Due to the changes in my health, I am unable to sit at the computer and do any tedious work for a long period of time.  I’ve split my writing time into 15-20 minute intervals throughout the day.  This allows me to give my eyes some rest, and will hopefully prevent (or at least lessen) these severe migraine headaches I’ve been suffering from.

In addition to this I’m no longer creating my own book covers.  I can’t do the work that I used to be able to do, as far as graphics and design.  Therefore, the covers the Daughters of Oberia series are the very last ones I will be doing myself–as they’re already done.  (I just have to finish the books! heehee.)

The cover art for the first novel in the Corithian Saga was made by SwoonWorthy book covers. I absolutely love it!  When I saw the mock-up I went ahead and purchased it even though the book’s not finished yet.  heehee! 🙂  Check it out! Prophecy Revealed book cover-FINAL

Also check out some of her other designs.  I have got my eyes on 2 other covers already. 😉

I am really confident that this will be a change for the best.  Better covers, more time writing, and hopefully less headaches can only be a good thing.

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My First Open Stage Event

On Friday night, I had the privilege of sharing two of my poems from Angelic Visions at D & S Music Hub’s Open Stage Night. This was the first time I actually had the opportunity to take part in this. I really enjoyed the experience. I confess to being more than a little nervous. But, the overall experience went well.

The two poems that I shared were EVICTED! And Beauty & the Beast. I think I read the second a little fast, due to nerves. But, the feedback I received was all positive. I got many compliments and praise for these two pieces, and was glad that they were enjoyed by the audience. In addition to that, I got to listen to other poets, short story authors, musicians, singers, etc. Plus, I met a lot of really cool, creative, and friendly people.

The things I would have done differently (or will do differently, next time I do this):

  • Relax, and be confident. It’s a casual atmosphere, not like I’m meeting with the press or a lot of big name publishers and editors.
  • Carry my tote-style purse, with a few extra copies of my book(s) in it, in case anyone is interested. And of course, keep a pen for signatures.
  • Have some kind of swag on hand, be it business card or bookmarks. It’s the perfect opportunity to give someone a card with your website/blog/author page url on it.
  • MENTION THE BOOK! Doh, I totally missed out on the opportunity to mention that these poems are from the anthology Angelic Visions. And, that they can download the book for FREE. Double DOH! I blame my nerves, and not knowing what to expect as it was my first ever Open Mike Night opportunity.

Also this one thing I did do: Thank the host and the person who invited me. I really appreciated this opportunity.

If any of you live in the Pittsburgh/Harmar/Cheswick/Springdale, Pennsylvania area I highly recommend you check out any and all events at D & S Music Hub. It’s a nice little place, run by very nice people and I’d really like to see their business flourish and expand.

If you have any questions, or advice for Open Stage events feel free to email me at

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Character Connections: Cayden Etherwood


If you read Wishful Thinking, you remember Cayden. The tomboyish, youngest Etherwood sister. She’s grown up a bit at the start of Charmed Lives. Thus, her role in the family—and in the series—is a little more prominent.

Where Wishful Thinking focused on Mave and Xandria, Charmed Lives focuses on Cayden and Fiona. Cayden gets Fiona to agree to let her quit “wingless” school and help her out at the toy company. Cayden’s motives are not purely selfish, but rather unselfish. She sees Fiona’s health fail as she starts to suffer from The Sickness, which claimed the lives of their parents. Fiona struggles with the toy corporation started by their father years ago, and keeping up “normal” appearances in the real world. Cayden’s help is needed more than ever.

When the family of Mave’s late “wingless” husband brings wrongful death charges against the whole Etherwood family, it is Cayden’s spell that helps deflect the suspicions as well as avoid the entire world finding out about the Faerie sisters. Yet, she cannot prevent the tragedy that occurs in the Outer Wood, nor can she stop the traitors in Oberia from escaping their homeworld via dark magic.

I hope you check out Charmed Lives this fall. I will have a special paperback give-away the week of Thanksgiving, just in time for the Holidays. 😉

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What I’m Reading

For those of you who have been following this blog for a long time, you might remember my “Speaking as a Reader” posts. There was a year when I read mostly indies, followed by a year when I read exclusively indies. Once again, for 2015 I am limiting my reading list—but not based on who wrote/published them. I am reading mostly fantasy & PNR, an occasional romance or nonfic included.

Another peculiar reading habit of mine: I tend to read more than one book at a time. I tend to read one paperback, one audio, and one ebook.

Current Ebook: The Hobbit, JRR Tolkien (nearly finished) . And, yes it’s about the 100th time I’ve read this classic. I will probably follow up with Lord of The Rings.

Current Audio Book: Game of Thrones, George RR Martin. Actually, I purchased the whole Song of Ice and Fire series through Audible, and plan to listen to its entirety.

Current Paperback: The Snow Queen, Mercedes Lackey. I’m a long-time fan of both Misty and Hans Christian Andersen. Both are tremendous influences of mine. I am really enjoying Mercedes’ take on the Andersen story. (NO, it’s nothing at all like Disney’s Frozen. LOL but it does put me in mind of the Shelley Duvall Faerie Tale Theater version).

So how about you?  What are you reading?  Is there a book you’d recommend for me?

Feel free to comment.

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New Poem: Drowning


Drowning in a sea

Of unpleasant

Deja vus

Yes, I said

I would always

Remember you

Yes I said I would



Every moment

We spent together

But what kills me

Is the memory

Of all the times

You walked away

Left me drowning


Crying out

For you

Struggling to break free

Struggling to breathe

The air that was

Your love


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