New Poem: Puzzle

Puzzle Image



My heart is like
A jigsaw puzzle,
Broken apart,
Scattered pieces
Laying on the floor.

Little by little,
I begin
To put it back together.

But so many pieces
I realize they still
Belong to you,
And always will.

Leaving abstract shaped
Spaces, empty.
Only you can
Fill them in.

But now that
Your love is taken
Away from me,

I have no choice
But to fill them
With cherished memories.
Of Us.

~ ~ ~

~K. Crumley

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When the Dust Clears (wip)

When the dust clears,
and there’s no one there…
Scattered remains
Of what was done,
left unsaid,
left undone.

When the dust clears.
When the tears, and cries
die down
to a low
inward moan.

Sleep a feverish dream.
Food tasteless, meaningless.
Water all I need…
but doesn’t refresh,
doesn’t quench.

When the dust clears,
and the only words that
need to be said
and I love you.

Left unsaid.

~K. Crumley 10-31-2011


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New Poem–Evicted.


His eyes
Were like two pale blue crystals.
She found her peace in them.

His arms,
Long, thin and warm.
She felt at home in them.

His lips,
Kissing them made her feel
Like she should have been
Since the day they met.

With him
Was where she belonged.

Then, one day
Words were
Suddenly it got

He made.
She made.

A Misunderstanding

She found herself…

6/25/2011 K. Crumley


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He lays still
Beside me
A Golden Statue

Eyes closed,
He drifts to sleep.

I lay beside him,
Gently snuggling.
So afraid of disturbing
The journey into his dreams…

Yet wonder if I am there.
Eyes flicker, and then open
I wonder what
He is thinking.

Groggy, he speaks
To me
Inquiring something…
And drifts again,
Into a dream.

I wonder again
If I am there,
And how he feels,
And what will be…

I wonder if
He will

~K. Crumley, 9/1/2014

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I’ve recovered from
The pain
Buried the grief,
And shame…
Of settling,
and letting you
Treat me
That way.

Yet there’s
So much more to say…
But sometimes words unsaid
Are better off
That way.


KLC ~ 5/9/2014

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Impromptu Poem: Lost You

Woke up from a dream
Another dream
About you
Just a dream
But it felt
Like I lost you
All over

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Little Tolkienesque montage to demonstrate a current event…


Art imitates life once again…some interesting stories coming soon, reflecting my recent breakup. Here’s a little doll montage representing us. I like how he kind of looks like Snape and I kind of look like Sansa Stark. LOL

Originally posted on My Dolls And Doll Memes:

What has become of us?  What happened?  We had meant so much to each other?

What has become of us? What happened? We had meant so much to each other?

The ultimate betrayal.  He should have never listened to Gollum!

The ultimate betrayal. He should have never listened to Gollum!

So it's come to this?  Enguarde!

So it’s come to this? En guarde!

Truce!  I throw down my sword and surrender!

Truce! I throw down my sword and surrender!

Forgiven, but not shall still pay for this deception!

Forgiven, but not forgotten…you shall still pay for this deception!

The Quill is mightier than the sword.

The Quill is mightier than the sword.

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Aunt Madea giving the best advice


Very true, and a very valuable lesson that I recently had learned. After my relationship ended I had difficulty moving on, it was hard to let go of someone I loved so deeply and so passionately. I caught this clip last week (before it was removed from youtube) and it really hit home.
Thank you Tyler, and Madea for reaching me when no one else could, and speaking these words that I really needed to hear…

Originally posted on laneycalifornia:

TV, music, and movies  can be silly and stupid, but they can also describe something you’ve never quite been able to. They can also make you think in a way that you’ve never thought before but now that you’ve been exposed to it you can never go back. Here’s one such scene from an unexpected source, Tyler Perry’s Aunt Madea (you MUST pay your whole attention to it):

Watch the youtube

Sonny: What am I supposed to do now?

Madea: Get up and go on with your life. It’s all right to sit around and be depressed for a minute. Cry about it. Do whatever you have to do, but don’t stay there too long. Get up and go on with your life.

This is what I’ve learned in all these years on this earth. If somebody wants to walk out of your life, Let. Them. Go. Especially if you…

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Mad Alice II

Mad Alice

Mad Alice c/o dolldivine princess maker, Chessy Cat eyes & smile in photoship

Awake from a dream…
Or was it?

Where is he?

I still see his eyes,
Half-crazed grin.

How can it be?
Eyes and smile…
Haunt me.

In waking life
I wish I was…
Wish I was…
Still in Wonderland.

I recall our journey,
Envy of the
Singing blossoms…
As we passed them by.

For I was yours,
You were mine.

Lively tea parties.
I would sit
Perched on a mushroom,
As madcap characters
Dance around,
“Curiouser and Curiouser”
He weaves in and out
Of their revelry.


I believed he loved me,
Watched after me,
His wild tail curled around
My shoulders,
In protective fashion.


I believed I would
Always be there
In Wonderland
By his side.

As night becomes day.
As sunlight streams
Through windows
Burning my eyes.


The Red Queen
Covetous, wicked, rude…
Had banished me from that land.
Has she also
Stolen the HEART
Of my wild, mad cat?

Crazy Cat,
Where are you now?
Where have you gone…?

Awake in my bed,
Dreams still cloud my mind.
I cannot decide
What is real.
What is not…
I Wonder…

To which Land
My Mad Cat

Some may claim
Drove you
Away from me,
Lost your head…
Was it guilt or shame?

For in that world
I was as mad
As you were.
And that Madness
Was bliss.

And from that mad dream
I never wished to

~ ~ ~

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New Years Resolutions 2014

1. Write one full poem per day, any style any subject.
2. Read at least 5 pages per day, fiction.
3. Read at least 5 pages per day non-fiction.
4. Apply for at least one freelance job per day.
5. Write at least 2,000 words a day of fiction.
6. Complete all unfinished writing projects.
7. Publish a new ebook (poetry or fiction) every 2-3 months.
8. Submit something to a trad pub (maybe small press), agent, or contest every 6 months.
9. Have a full day write-in (or write-a-thon) one day per month.
10. Stick to all my deadlines, no matter what.

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Poem: Unimportant


I became unimportant.
So, I cried…
“How could you
Have let this happen
To me?”

But you didn’t hear.
I was a
China Doll
On a Shelf

You distanced yourself
Couldn’t hear me call out
Your name.

I was in pain.
But you,
The one I needed,
The man I Loved
Pulled away.

I became Irrelevant,
Something “off-topic”
Something trivial,
A game show question
“Who’s that girl…?”

I became disposable,
Put me in a box,
What it mean
To be with

Then, when you felt the need to
Simplify your life,
It was
So easy…
For you
To throw
That box

What about me?
What about what I wanted?
I wanted forever,
I wanted to
Work things out
See things through.

What happened to US?!
Me with you.

We became


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It hurts me when…


I agree with this. We should be feeding our minds rather than poisoning them.

Originally posted on Everyday Power Blog:

It hurts me when people have a favorite TV show, but don’t have a favorite book. It’s hurts me even more when people watch ‘reality’ TV, but have no vision for their own life. -Jeffrey I. Moore



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